The Element of Surprise is on HIATUS! My job has just gotten busy, and I want to build up a backlog of pages before I continue the updates so please bear with me! The Element of Surprise will be back soon, and it's just about to get exciting!!

In an unnamed city in an unnamed state somewhere in America's"rust belt", two men meet. Mark, an overmodest young carpenter, comes to the aid of Ben, an overconfident reporter for the city's newspaper; soon Mark finds himself drawn into the crime and vice of local politics while simultaneously, unwillingly, falling in love with Ben.

Volumes One and Two of this serialized webcomic, plus bonus short stories, are now complete! Volume Three is updated regularly every Friday. The newest page is HERE.

VOLUME ONE: "Every Now and Then I Fall Apart"
VOLUME TWO: "Never My Love"
VOLUME THREE: "Magnets, How Do They Work"

WATCH the Element of Surprise animated music video!