The Big Podcast of 2015 is finally here!

LO-FI LANDFILL SHOW 3 "TAMMY GOES TO THE ARCADE" 43:00 Audio includes elements from: Super Pac-Man read along record, Tammy story record, Buckner & Garcia's "Pac Man Fever", "Video Game Controversy" from the TV news circa 1980, interviews with Mark Tjan, Jason Merrill, Mike Barks, and "Beto" recorded at Anime North 2016, two singles about Space Invaders, "Video Game History" segments from the CBS news program "30 Minutes", audio recorded at the Fun Spot in Weirs Beach New Hampshire, the trailer for the film "Joysticks", audio from the story record "Asteroids", a segment from the Firesign Theater comedy album "Eat or Be Eaten", and Dave and Shain playing video games in front of their TV.

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