In this corner: Charlton Comics, the "WB" of comic publishers of the 70s, whose quality control policies were, shall we say, lax at best!

In the other corner: The human hand, one of the most difficult pieces of anatomy for any artist to depict. Even accomplished artists sometimes don't get it right!

Tonight we present to you the fight of the century, showing the losing battle waged by the artists of Charlton Comics against the tricky but easily breakable human hand! Who will win? Who will lose? Let's have a look:

Our first contender more or less gets the hands on the guitar player right, but loses steam quickly and gives the blonde admirer stumps. OOOH that's gotta hurt!

In our next round, the artist mostly gets the hands right, perhaps knowing this was going to be on the cover... but what's that in the centre there?? No, seriously, what is that? Is that supposed to be the redhead's other hand? How could you draw the left hand so well and then draw that? DING DING! There's the bell!

And the hits keep on coming, and when the human hand is turned into some sort of claw-like instrument, you know it's painful!

Not even that guy's enormous oversized hand can save them from the featureless yellow void these two are trapped in! Forced to spend eternity with only some office furniture to comfort them.

I sense the real you is a mannequin whose right hand has been assembled backwards, that's what I sense! I'd say that's a tko folks, the winnah and still champeen... THE HUMAN HAND!! It shall never be defeated!

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