It's time once again to visit our favorite little girl with the weird obsession and her best friend, another not-so-little but just as obsessed girl. Which chapter of the DSM-IV will they visit today?

Usually when two girls are sleeping in the same bed and they feel 'funny' in the middle of the night, it's the cue for either comedy projectile vomiting or adult-oriented material. But this is Little Dot so get your mind out of the gutter!!

Okay, Little Dot and Little Lotta exchanging personalities and body types due to a childhood illness, sure. Because that happens. But DOCTORS making HOUSE CALLS? Now THAT'S unbelievable!

Even with her daughter undergoing a complete personality change, Mrs. Plump STILL has to prepare enormous quantities of food. Ya can't win!

"A tiny girl dressed in dots and a big girl in a green blouse? We're just havin' a NUTTY DREAM! No wait, it's Dot and Lotta like we see every day. Big deal."

"And again, the big one twirls us in the air and throws us away, like always. Big deal."

Little Giant Dot has yet to learn the most valuable lesson: that with great Little Lotta power comes great Little Lotta responsibility.

Whoops, Dot has now been returned to her normal Richie Rich In Drag size. This comic has now pandered to both the "inflation" and the "shrinking" fetish crowd.

I love the confused look on Lotta's face as Dot insults her clothes. WHAT A BITCH! And with the friendship of the two girls completely destroyed forever- until the very next story- we take our leave of comicdom's favorite obsessive-compulsive girl-children. Hopefully they will never get the therapy they so desperately need.

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