Since it's November, that means Thanksgiving and turkeys. Here at STUPID COMICS we can't think of more appropriate turkey than STARDUST THE SUPER WIZARD, one of the great Golden Age creations of that great artist Fletcher Hanks. Or Hank Fletcher. Whichever. Our story today comes from FANTASTIC COMICS #13, December 1940.

Stardust is a super wizard in the scientific sense. He flies around outer space in a stiff, rigid position, monitoring Earth for any sign of trouble. He also has no ass. I guess that's what makes him super.

What delicate detecting unit? Oh, he's listening to Sean Hannity on his walkman.

A swell bunch of guys. Once they get rid of civilization, they can lose those natty suits.

Those tanks look like a DeSoto after an attack by kids with can openers. They're super, thanks for asking.

Luckily for America, Stardust can destroy them all without even lifting a finger or changing his pose in the slightest. This is also lucky for Fletcher Hanks and his drawing hand.

And now for the horrible vengeance part! If you're only SLIGHTLY evil, you get turned into melting icicles. That's fair, I guess.

For those slightly more evil, we have the option of being turned into rats and being chased by what appears to be a high school mascot. Now THIS is what I call creative sentencing.

Luckily, the FBI was saved the trouble of having to "round up everybody" by the appearance of an 8-foot giant in a circus leotard holding a human-headed rat. Happens all the time.

And why exactly should America fear the fifth column, when Stardust can destroy their entire army without lifting a finger?

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