Bicycle safety comics don't get any stiffer or less natural than this late 50s giveaway sponsored by Canadian grocery giant IGA.

Our hero Billy just got a new bike and he's eager to get out there and take it over some sweet jumps. But hold on there Billy!

I'd think any parent with a forehead that gigantic would HAVE to be wise. Though with his offspring apparently incapable of figuring out the "hands-handlebars" equation, one wonders.

As we see here in evidence suppressed by the Warren Commission, Constable Canuck was on duty that fateful day in Dallas near the Triple Overpass. When shots rang out he was busy giving bike safety lectures. That's HIS story, anyway.

Riding your bicycle with an armed escort? Now that's what I call safe! Wouldn't you agree, Senator McCain?

Seriously, kids actually did this? How did anybody survive past age 12?

The shocking realization that he's the star of the very comic book he's reading meant Billy's lessons about bicycle safety would never be forgotten; indeed, would be the cornerstone of his paranoid delusions for years to come.

What is good? To kill your enemies, to drive them before you, to hear the lamentations of the women. And to practice bicycle safety. That is also good.

Grocery chain cops weren't the only safety obsessed characters to infest comics; Harvey got into the act early on with one of its star characters.

SAFETY ADVICE from a GHOST? Say Casper, how DID you wind up a ghost, anyways? Probably somebody crowding, shoving, or pushing.
And while we're on the subject:

"It's fun and adventure"? Thanking you so much for lucky best game, let's healthy!

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