Everybody's favorite THIS ISLAND EARTH mutant.

looming threat of Soviet aerospace dominance lends menace to this mixed-media piece.

Richie Rich in a menacing mood.

Uncle F -- ink & screentone. Sullen drunk gestures hypnotically. From a photo found on the internet.

just what it says on the tin.

Brazilian UFO cultist and "do charlatanismo ao estelionato".

Witch Doctor vs. the Purple People Eater -- Winner: Sheb Wooley.


Absolut ad --Class assignment to do our own Absolut ad. Drink up! Goauche.

fanart of Monkey Punch's Lupin III.

Fanart of Ishinomori's Cyborg 009, used as badge art for AWA 9. Acrylic.

GO WILDSTAR GO! --Rat Fink meets Star Blazers' Derek Wildstar. Check out the custom shifter on that Cosmo Zero. Ink on paper.

fanart of Go Nagai's Mazinger Z.

Father Coughlin, the fighting right-wing radio priest of the early 1940s.

Mike Warnke claimed to have escaped a Satan cult and became a Christian comedian. Nobody's laughing.

Screen legend and master of horror Boris Karloff.

The Replacements Live in Boston CD Cover --This is a cover for a bootleg CD of a Replacements show recorded live in Boston in 1987. The audience really makes this show something special. Ink on paper.

quick brush drawing of Russian soldier circa 1945.

Brush drawing of soldier from Vietnam photo reference. From my sketchbook. Ink on paper.

Subhas Chandra Bose had the right idea (free India) but chose poor teammates (Nazi Germany).

Moses receives the Two Commandments - VHS and Beta. I'm still not happy with the big eyes, but what the heck. Ink on paper.

convicted & jailed Christian cult leader Tony Alamo.

convicted Soviet spy Aldrich Ames.

the peace and joy of a life spent bringing happiness to the world is evident on the face of hate leader Fred Phelps.

Vidkun Quisling, from which we derive the term "quisling".

energetic televangelist Kenneth Copeland.

cult leader Traill masterminds an antique-dealing, carpet-cleaning sect.

master insult comic Don "Everybody's Pal" Rickles.

fashion model and handbag inspiration Jane Birkin.

Yes, Dave's GUN CRAZY - gun SAFETY crazy, that is!! Ink on paper.

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