Return with us to the Golden Age Of Insanity In Children's Literature - I mean, the Golden Age Of Comics, where the furious pace of production and the lack of adequate mental health care meant that damn near anything could see print.

It's the... um... AMAGNULG MAUID, or something, whose real name is Aman, or sometimes A Man, depending on what time it was and how many hours Bill Everett had been hunched over the drawing board.

Aman is a guy in jodhpurs who can fly and envelop himself in a green mist. Big deal, a shot of tequila and the $4.99 special at El Azteca will accomplish the same thing.

I have a question, who the hell is the Great Question?

The Magician From Mars got her amazing, vaguely defined powers from sitting in front of a cathode ray. In other words, too much television. Her vaguely defined hair, on the other hand, is courtesy Alberto V0-5.

What's the matter? You're piloting a plane in your underwear, that's what's the matter.

Incoherent music, throbbing evil force, scantily clad woman bewilderingly staggering - it's Britney at the VMAs! Thank you thank you, I'm here all week, tip your waitstaff.

Please, teach us more of this thing you call... "perspective".

Jane discovers the plot of the evil "Hood", who has mastered the science of Tom & Jerry cartoons that enables him to yell into a glass ball and have the sound come out hours later. Makes perfect sense, if you're 8.

First step in searching the galaxies - comb out these tangles! Ouch!

Here's a winner, a strip about tiny people who are not just midgets, but MINI-midgets! And super! I think now they prefer to be called "Mini Little People".

Meanwhile, Mighty Man, a 12 foot giant they just found wandering around somewhere, interrupts his war on crime to inform us of his lack of apprehension towards haints and ghostlies.

He's up against "Gangster", "Ike", and "Mary Wee", who hates how "those people" took a perfectly useful word and made it all, you know, fruity.

Ever have that "heavy pants" feeling?

And let's leave the Golden Age with this barely coherent run-on sentence that explains exactly what awaits you at the bottom of the ocean; houses. Houses with legs.