The Depression, the Dust Bowl, disease, starvation, and foreclosure; these are only a few of the problems faced by rural America in the 1940s. And what were the cities doing to ease the burden of their country cousins? What could urbanites add to this dire situation? How best to comfort and aid these struggling souls?

Oh, mock them! That'll help. In this thinly disguised "Lil' Abner" ripoff, anonymous urban cartoonists take time off from riding elevators, eating at lunch counters, putting a fin on a nag in the late race, and dodging streetcars to make fun of those hayseeds. Sorry Big Tony, I'll have that protection money for you as soon as I finish expressing my contempt for farmers.

There's a big hog-calling contest afoot in "Homespun Center" and Dan'l Flannel is determined to win the "seekrut prize." Also, meet Bull Voice Barclay, who adds "Har-Har" to all his sentences, even when nothing funny is going on. Which, admittedly, includes this entire story.

Dan'l cheats with a hog-calling charm courtesy of Ernest Borgnine, seen here in his famous role as "Mammy Palama."

Har! Har! Bull Voice Barclay's hog-calling technique is unstoppable! I would also like to point out the typo in the caption box on the first panel. That's right, typos in a comic making fun of other people's failure to use English properly. Oh, the irony.

Har! Har! Apparently pigs are not attracted to the drawling yell produced by Dan'l's gaping, misshapen maw.

As millions of pigs knock Dan'l into a grisly death being trampled and eaten by hogs (yeah, it happens) Bull Voice Barclay expresses surprise by eschewing his customary "Har Har" for a more quizzical "Oh Gorsh!?" Tell me, exactly where in rural America is "gorsh" part of the dialect?

Actually, I'm pretty sure the streets of this town are normally full of wandering livestock.

Dan'l's attempt to solve his problem with mass pig murder is halted by a sudden, extremely creepy realization.

Luckily Ernest Borg - I mean, "Mammy Palama" removes the porcine curse and Dan'l is free to "wins th' seecrut prize."

Har! Har! Looks like Bull Voice Barclay has the last laugh! Actually he has all the laughs, because he begins all his sentences with "Har! Har!" Serves you right, Dan'l, you cheating cheater! To be honest, something tells me that Dan'l will be perfectly happy with his prize...

Har! Har! Oh, gorsh!?