Today we're taking a look at a very special comic. I'd say ZWANNA SON OF ZULU was a total embarrassment to African-American culture, but actually it's embarrassing whether you're Norwegian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, whatever; all races, religions, creeds and cultures can come together in finding this comic inept and objectionable.

Zwanna is your average African prince, newly enrolled in "Black American State University", impressing the fine ladies with his daishiki.

Also, making mental notes to set the VCR to record "Montel". Sylvia Browne is on this week!

All is not calm at BASU, however; evil lurks in the form of strangely eloquent skinheads who apparently are two-fisted drinkers.
It was all so much simpler when Zwanna was growing up in Africa...

That's right, he... wore a loincloth, and swung from vine to vine. Like Tarzan. Because Africans actually do that.

Zwanna was sent away from this jungle paradise by his brother the King, who charged him to go to America and become wise in the ways of the white man so that he could defend his homeland against the three middle-aged transvestites who cause all the trouble in the world. Because this comic just wasn't kooky enough.
Meanwhile, Zwanna is alerted to trouble by his Zulu Sense!

The skinhead assault on black couples - and on good taste, check out the tiny moustache! - is halted as Zwanna says the magic word "ZHAAB!" and is transformed into an invulnerable Zulu warrior with an expanding spear and helpful jungle vines. This enables him to murder people.

Nope, not kidding.

Using their vast network of paid informants, our white gay transvestite homosexual fairy nancy boy villians have set their evil, degenerate sights on our hero Zwanna! They sure go through an awful lot of trouble to find guys to have sex with. Not like now, when all you have to do is go to an airport bathroom and start tapping your feet.

Some white guy in a trenchcoat barges into Zwanna's room and beats the crap out of him while hollering "Knock Knock!" Trenchcoat-on-black crime, the shame of our community.

So the scenario here is that evil gay men threaten to kill black women unless they can have sex with black men. Something tells me the personal ads are probably a lot more effective.


Not content to create and write Zwanna Son Of Zulu, our creator leaves us with an inspired rap that manages to work in "Geritol", "respirator", and "vertebrae". Take that, KRS-One! FUN FACT: the author of this comic was oncearrested for dressing up like Zwanna, climbing the Georgia State Capitol building, and tossing comics to the crowds below.

Nope, not kidding.