BOOOO! It's scary ghost time, featuring a scary ghost story from the March 1974 issue of DC's "Ghosts", which swears on its cover that it's "TRUE TALES OF THE WEIRD AND SUPERNATURAL". Yes, true. They swear to God.

Our story begins with some learned men of science begging a condemned man to let them perform their Super Special Experiment on him after his head's been lopped off. The criminal refuses to sign the little "organ donor" thingy on the back of his driver's license.

Yes, their big science experiment is... talking to the guy's head after it's been cut off. And as it turns out, he IS in a position to protest!

And protest he does, in the form of a curse. And believe me, there's nothing worse than the curse of someone who's all ready dead. Of course all this really proves is that some people don't need blood to their brains to keep blabbing.

Of course, why would totally famous scientists who we swear to God were actually real people be ascared of a silly curse?
Incidentally, a quick Google search of these 3 names turns up nothing. You'd think Wikipedia would have a category for French Scientists who Were Really Real and Who Totally Died From a Curse. Then again they'd probably use this comic as the only citation.

Wow, what are the odds that a tray would slice someone's head off? I mean I'm no physicist but it seems to me in order to have the force to cut through all that bone and gristle it'd have to be dropped from somewhat higher than two stories.
Ironically, in the late 1970s the group Heavy Metal Tray was responsible for a series of grisly beheadings because of their song "Chop Your Family's Head Off". COINCIDENCE??????

Um... yeah.
Remember, folks, only genuine Blade-O-Matic windows come with the special razor-sharp edges! Be sure to ask for them by name, that's Blade-O-Matic!

I don't know, that railway company may want to rethink their hiring policy regarding angry disembodied heads.

ANYWAY... the final scientist meets his fate. And a train.

In all fairness, there are probably a lot of people who believe in the terrifying power of the supernatural who would think this story is a total crock.