Back a few weeks ago during our extensive Super Duck expose, we spotted an interesting story squirrelled away in the back of SD #74... a charming, atypical, possibly Bob Bolling-drawn strip entitled "Movietoons Presents Tommy The Timid Tiger".

Somehow this strip sparked faint memory in our minds of something similar we've seen somewhere before...something with big brushy inks and quaint, dialect-speaking forest animals, what could it be...

Could it be 'inspired by' Walt Kelly's POGO, one of the greatest American comic strips and obviously a candidate for an inept 4-page imitation in the back of an issue of SUPER DUCK? Could be, could be. Let's find out!

Well, here's some friendly swampland creature action that in no way resembles anything you might be seeing in the newspaper every day and in color on Sundays back in the 50s. Nosiree.

As we can see from these Kelly examples, good reference pictures of frogs and tigers are as close as the comics section of your friendly local newspaper!

Yeah, let's get in the little boat and aimlessly drift while I play my mandolin. Never seen THIS before.

Oh no, not a swipe at all. THEY were in a BATHTUB which is completely different! And which sinks.

Oh how will this swampland saga play out?

Timmy was taught to swim by the frog and he swam put and rescued the dress wearing tiger and the frog made a little erectile dysfunction joke. Remember, these are COMICAL comics. Why aren't you laughing?
Other periodicals would try their hand at harvesting scraps from beneath Walt Kelly's drawing table. "Dolls And Gags" took three pages away from jokes involving bosomy blondes to give POGO a harsh satirical look, the kind of biting wit we've come to expect from "Dolls And Gags".

Truly an artifact of a time when Craft-Tint paper roamed the land freely!

As with other POGO spoofs, this one ends with Albert doing something really violent. So remember kids, when you're stuck for ideas, why not swipe from the best? Because... because it makes your stuff look that much worse, that's why.