Back in the mid 1960s the teen fashion craze known as "Mod" drove otherwise sane teenagers to dress in outlandish, colorful styles, ride scooters, get into fights with rockers, decorate their bedrooms with op-art posters, and listen to The Who. Since "Mod" never moved beyond dressing outlandishly while staring at op-art posters and listening to The Who, the movement died a fast death. Also because late 60s teens realized that becoming a hippie was a lot less work. And the drugs were better. At any rate, the death of "Mod" went un-noticed at Gold Key, who released the second smashing issue of their hot teen title "The Modniks" in 1970, a good four years after "Mod" was over and done with.

As we can see from this panel, Mods ride motorcycles and speak in attempted rhyme - predating the success of Vanilla Ice by more than thirty years!

Remember those great 60's "happenings"? Polka-dot shirts, chicks in hats and go-go boots, irate principals; Woodstock would not have been nearly as groovy without irate principals.

Oh no, THE MAN has co-opted our teenage revolt! This has never happened before! Quick, let's get home so we can watch the Beatles TV cartoon and Dick Clark's American Bandstand!

As always, youth and beauty; overcome by age and treachery.

It's 1970 and miniskirts have been banned! I guess it took the school administration five years to notice. Somebody should get the school administration some new glasses. Luckily the students are taking it to the streets to fight for their right to expose their legs, helped along by Mad Magazine slogans. "Up With Miniskirts" indeed. Bill Gaines, you're a dirty old man.

Like all important issues, the miniskirt crisis will be resolved by a televised debate between a guitar-slinging fop and a crewcut square who is frightened by girls and their garments.

Using mathematical models and flawless logic, "Cube" demonstrates how NAFTA will lead to a giant sucking sound of jobs being Hoovered out of the United States, and... wait, wrong TV debate.

YES, FINE, HAVE YOUR MINISKIRTS, ANYTHING, JUST STOP SINGING. Somebody explain to Wheels what "meter" is.

And the parents of Surfside High have been hypnotized by the rock beat into abandoning their morals and surrendering to the jungle rythyms, just that movie we saw at church warned us about! Rock and roll is the devil's music!

Later down at the coffeehouse we see how those dirty hippies TALK about peace and love, but are REALLY hateful, and how they SAY they don't love money and THEN THEY ASK FOR MONEY!! THEY'RE TOTALLY HYPOCRITICAL, PEOPLE! NOW SHUT UP AND GO TO VIETNAM!

Yeah, that's just what high school needs - ANOTHER mulleted, self-obsessed jerkoff with bad skin. We were running low on those.

However, after learning that Ben Franklin had long hair (in back, anyway) and that girls play basketball in leotards and miniskirts, King Dong here is ready to go back to school.

THOREAU IS MY LEADER, BABY! WHEN HE GIVES US THE WORD WE GO OUT AND KILL! HELTER SKELTER! And with the blood of pigs potentially running in the streets, we take our leave of The Modniks, whose comic book career ended here after only two issues. The Modniks returned to the gloomy underworld of forgotten comic characters, to slumber in the vaults of longboxes across the nation, only to be disturbed by researchers such as ourselves. Also notable about this issue of The Modniks is that it was once a prime example of the Crazy Grandma Comic Price Guide, as witnessed by its former price....

Twenty-six dollars? Right on, Grandma, right on.