One of Marvel's longest continually-published characters, at least before those damn superheroes took over, PATSY WALKER was once the redheaded teen queen of all comicdom, with the exception of Archie's short-lived cross dressing phase. When Patsy wasn't trying on clothes and doing her best "Joan from MAD MEN" impression, Miss Walker spent her time matching wits with her bete noir Hedy Wolfe. The raven-tressed temptress Hedy was forever trying to steal Patsy's boyfriend Buzz, generally make Patsy's life miserable, and sometimes deliver Stan Lee-penned zingers via giant word balloons.

Though earlier comics were drawn by Morris Weiss and Al Jaffee (among others), later strips sported the clean, stylish line of Al "Fightin' Jesus" Hartley, which is strong enough to survive even the hand of Vince Coletta. As we see, not a moment passes without some hissy cat-fightin' action between Patsy and Hedy. Of course, at this point (the late 50s) Patsy Walker had been appearing in comics for fifteen years, so a certain amount of inertia was bound to set in.

For instance, sometimes you forget you used the same exact punchline 18 months ago. And it wasn't that funny the first time. Another thing we noticed about these Hartley issues of PATSY WALKER - Hedy. Hedy's head, to be precise, which for some reason Al Hartley REALLY LIKES drawing in profile. A LOT.

And once you notice it, the side of Hedy's head seems to be everywhere.


Yes, everywhere! Sure, there MIGHT be other approaches to illuminating the Face of Hedy, but Al Hartley wants no truck with them.

In the store, at lunchtime, watching boys fight, arguing with Patsy - there is no possible setting that can't be improved by the side of Hedy Wolfe's skull.

Even Patsy's even-tempered friend Nan is feeling things are a bit repetitive. The constant bickering, or the endless side view of Hedy? Or both?

I have a frightening suspicion that Hedy is only two or three centimeters thick, that if she ever turned towards us she'd vanish. I also suspect that Patsy and Hedy should just GET A ROOM ALREADY YOU TWO! YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY!!

Ha, I knew this strip would end with Patsy and Hedy in a warm embrace. Also with our old, over-used friend, the side of Hedy's head.
And now let's wrap this up with a Public Service Announcement about something that threatens the peace and security of teenagers everywhere - kissing games.

For instance, they can lead to Vince Coletta inks.