If you're looking for some GROOVEY OUTASITE ADVENTURE, then you've come to the right place! A groundbreaking television series featuring actual young people working for "The Man" while still maintaining their hip attitude, THE MOD SQUAD was instrumental in highlighting the dangerous yet vital task facing our brave undercover informants across the nation as they battle hippies and yippies and other threats to domestic security.

Every episode dealt with Link and Julie and... um, the other guy, as they had to seamlessly insert themselves into the seedy underworld of crime and deviance, while at the same time avoiding getting their brains smashed in, courtesy the nightsticks of the local constabulary.

A highlight of every show is the scene where Julie, or Link, or whatsisname, they have a surreptitious conversation with Captain Greer to discuss their next move. No, nothing obvious about three bikers talking to a guy in a limo. But TV show reminisces aside, what really makes this MOD SQUAD comic stand out are the elaborate, nonsensical, completely convoluted crimes that Link and Julie and Pinky McWhiteman have to solve.

Since it's the late 1960s and scuba diving is a hot new fad, what could be better than to work it into a MOD SQUAD story? Let's see, what kind of crime goes with scuba diving? I know... auto theft.

Link has stumbled upon the ring of auto thieves who use a convenient lake to hide the stolen cars and a convenient fake hospital complete with fake nurse to detain any undercover policemen they may accidentally run over in their boat. These auto thieves are leaving nothing to chance.

Now, I'm no car expert, but I figure by the time you've dredged your stolen waterlogged Buick out of the lake and spent a few thousand dollars replacing the engine, the electrical system, the transmission, upholstery, and darn near everything else, the idea is going to strike you that hiding cars in a LAKE might not be the best way to protect your ill-gotten gains. But I'm no expert or anything.

But our society is threatened by crimes other than submersible car theft. Here THE MOD SQUAD takes on one of the most heinous acts of illegality threatening our way of life - fixed boxing matches. YES, FIXED BOXING MATCHES. I DON'T BELIEVE IN NOTHIN' NO MORE. Naturally Link has to pose as the fighter, as nobody would believe whatisname, the white boy, nobody sees him as fighting over anything but the last newsstand copy of READER'S DIGEST.

So the fight fixer, his evil plan was to train a lot of boxers, and then fire them, and then train a new boxer, and then have his new boxer fight the boxers he fired, and through some magical fairy power he was going to convince the boxers he fired to take dives. Usually how this works is, you pay the boxer, and he takes a dive. End of story. None of this hiring and firing nonsense. But then again, they had to pad these stories out to sixteen pages, and we can't have any gunfights or action because this is a Dell comic. So there you go.

So shady weasely guy finds three young people and pays for their extensive skydiving lessons out of the goodness of his heart! I wonder if he has some criminal plan in mind.

Why yes yes he did have a criminal plan in mind. He'll get escaped mob boss Condese out of the country by shoving him out of an airplane over Mexico and hoping the three kids he just trained to skydive will jump after him and pull his rip cord! It's both half-assed AND meticulously detailed, and it makes no sense at all.

Strangely enough they have police and jeeps in Mexico, too. So if you're a criminal hoping to parachute your way to freedom, make sure it's not Mexico, and make sure your jump-mates aren't Linc Hayes, or Julie, or... um.... uh....