In our media-saturated world, privacy is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Remember the good old days when citizens were left in peace without surveillance cameras, reality TV, and viral videos making everything everyody else's business? Well, as it turns out even forty years ago innocent children were frequently forced into the national spotlight against their will. Case in point: MISS CAROLINE.

That's right, Caroline Kennedy once starred in her own comic strip! As the first media-superstar politican, no aspect of JFK's life was safe from public scrutiny. Well, okay, several parts of his life escaped public scrutiny. (Hint: "Happy Birthday, Mister President...") But his kids? They're fair game! What better way is there to show respect for the First Family than a nationally syndicated comic strip about the President's daughter?

Drawn in a great Dik Browne style by Frank "Boner's Ark" Johnson, "Miss Caroline" offered a quirky take on America's Camelot that today seems eerily prophetic.

Wow, from reading these strips it's difficult to understand why the 1960 election was so close. Didn't the electorate know the Kennedys were glamorous movie stars?
But it wasn't all softballs. "Miss Caroline" sometimes took off the kid gloves and started slinging the political mud pies with biting strips of fierce satirical wit.

Don't worry about Harry, he can take it. Just don't laugh when his daughter sits down to play piano.

Don't worry about Uncle Lyndon, either. He's doing just fine where he is.

Ah, the good old days of the early 1960s, when Ted Kennedy jokes didn't revolve around drinking or Volkswagens or falling trousers.

You want to be careful with the Sinatra jokes, that's all I'm saying.

Hey, hold onto those Nixon buttons, they'll come in handy in a few years!

Gee, I don't know, Caroline, what do YOU think a dynasty is? Why don't you show us?

And once again we see the power of newspaper comic strips as they predict the future in uncanny ways. I say Caroline Kennedy is perfectly suited for public office, if only because she's already survived everything the media can throw at her. If you can handle comic strips, you can handle anything!