Ever since seeing the last image on this page in an old Superboy ad, I've wanted to read the epic tale behind Ma and Pa Kent becoming teenagers. And now I have! Isn't it nice to know that a serum can not only turn oldsters into teens, it can also turn a family sedan into a jalopy with jazz-era lingo painted all over it? OH YOU KID!

I could make all sorts of bukkake jokes about that second panel, but I'll just let you fill that in yourself. Also: Chimp drawn without reference.

Don't be scared folks! It's not a mildly upset herbivore, it's just an insane, super-powered teenage punk in a fursuit! Nothing to be alarmed about.

I would do the same to anybody who did wrong, dad! Even you! ESPECIALLY you! You know, if the Kents had the opportunity to see that episode of The Twilight Zone where a little kid keeps a town paralyzed with fear with his otherworldly powers, they might not have been so anxious to adopt a super-powered alien baby. Just saying.

ANYWAY... Ma and Pa Kent, while looking for Clark's porn collection-- er, I mean, cleaning his space trophy room-- they break something that apparently turns them into CRAZY TEENS!!!! HOT CHA VO DEO DO 23 SKIDOO HUP HUP AND ALL THAT JAZZ. Because that's what teenagers do-- they spout meaningless catchphrases while dancing to their crazy music.
Actually, come to think of it, that IS what teenagers do. Replace "Hold that tiger" with "I can has cheezburger" and you've got half the internet right there. You kids today!

PLINK PLUNK TAP TAP PLINK PLANK PLUNK TAP PLINK PLINK TAP. I can never get enough of this panel.

Phew, is it me or is Superboy kind of a pill?

NOOO DON'T GO INTO THE WORKSHOP!!! So now that the Kents are back to their old, defenseless selves, Clark takes it upon himself to punish them.

Oh, he's had those chairs for ages. Of course usually it's Pete Ross and Lana Lang in them, and they've got safewords and everything...

YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You know, what kid HASN'T fantasized about melting their parents' faces? It's perfectly normal.

See, the explanation is perfectly rational... the Kents weren't really the Kents, they were a couple of love-struck teenaged aliens who came to earth because their fathers were locked in a blood feud over what kind of freak Superboy was! Then they disguised themselves as Superboy's parents in the hopes of getting a free ride to some asteroid where a friend is waiting because they busted their spaceship!
Perfectly simple, really. I mean it's obvious when you think about it.

As the real Kents are let out of their own freezer, the teen aliens realize that while they did plenty of research as to how Earth teenagers acted and spoke in the 1920s, they didn't do quite enough research in the "What do the Kents actually look like" aspect. Oops!

Uh oh! Looks like it's back to THE WORKSHOP for Ma and Pa Kent! VO DEO DO DO HOT CHA CHA LOL LOL LOL.