Jimmy's had some strange adventures in his career as Superman's Pal, but it took Jack "King" Kirby to hurtle the red-haired cub reporter on some of his wildest, most wacked-out exploits!! Kirby's early 70s run on JIMMY OLSEN was his first work for DC after leaving Marvel, and DC let him go hog wild with the book. Kirby used it as a springboard to introduce his "Fourth World" concepts like Darkseid, the New Gods, etc. Oh, and famous insult comic Don Rickles' twin, "Goody" Rickles.

I wonder if Don was even CONSULTED before they printed this story.

Don Rickles is visiting Morgan Edge. Edge is the guy who bought the Daily Planet, fired Perry White, and who is actually a member of the gangster organization Intergang and possibly an agent of Darkseid. Obviously he's somebody in need of a good put-down.

Meanwhile Jimmy, "Goody", and the Guardian (a clone of the original Guardian from the 40s) have been injected with Pyro-Granulate, a chemical that will turn them into human fireballs within 24 hours. Why Intergang didn't just shoot them is anybody's guess. They arrive at Edge's office and the two doppelgangers meet.

The Guardian, a poor man's Captain America, beat up a lot of Intergang thugs and got the antidote, so Jimmy and "Goody" are saved. Don is still kind of freaked out, though, and the arrival of Clark Kent via "Boom-Tube" on the next page drives him round the bend. Don's never been the same.

I don't know what else to say about this comic - it's barely comprehensible, but the parts I can figure out are outrageously crazy Kirby just when his cosmic vibrations were beginning to oscillate really wildly. Oh yeah, I might also add that DC had Murphy Anderson re-draw Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen's faces because Kirby didn't quite fit their corporate "look". And Vince Colletta's inks suck, but you knew that already.