Star DAILY PLANET reporter Lois Lane has had her moments of bad judgement before, but nothing like the time she agreed to marry her SUPER-STALKER FROM OUTER SPACE!! Not a dream! NOT an imaginary story!!

What is the astounding secret behind Astounding Man? Why is Superman just standing there like a dope? And what's with Anton LaVey back there? Is this a Church Of Satan wedding?

Snoopy Lois stowed away on board the mysterious flying saucer, in typical Snoopy Lois fashion. Usually this does not result in marriage proposals, but anything is possible in the glamorous world of lady reporting.

You can see how easily Lois loses her resolve in the face of a big handsome space man. A big handsome ASTOUNDING space man!

Hm. He built an entire palace in worship of Lois Lane. And he has portraits and statues and busts of Lois everywhere. This is perfectly normal behavior, ladies. In fact nothing says "husband material" like complete and total obsession! Come, let me take you into the Lois Contemplation Room! Sometimes he contemplates Lois all night long in there.

That's right Lois, I sit here thousands of light years away and take 3-D movies of your entire life with a super telescope that can see through walls. And that's not creepy in the slightest! Hey kids maybe there's an obsessed spaceman shooting a 3-D movie about every detail of YOUR private life! This is like how God operates in Jack Chick comics. But enough theology, it's Date Night, Roxnon style!

Hiring actors to talk about how great we look together, flying her to the moon to give her rings that smell, telling her her laughter is like the tinkling merriment of a mischevious fairy queen... if that doesn't get you inside Lois Lane's sensible gal reporter outfit I don't know what will!

And here's the twist. Astounding Man is actually a complicated remote controlled android being operated by a CREEPY OLD MAN! A creepy old man named "Oogamooga." Don't you hate when this happens, ladies?

But Lois PROMISED to marry him, and you HAVE TO CARRY OUT YOUR PROMISES kids, even when they are given to androids under false pretenses on alien planets! How will Lois Lane get out of THIS ONE? Oh Lois.

You know what, if I had concocted an amazing scheme to trick Superman's girlfriend into marrying me, the LAST PERSON I'D INVITE TO THE WEDDING WOULD BE SUPERMAN BECAUSE HE WOULD RIP MY HEAD OFF. I'm just saying.

Ah ha ha! Turns out in the last three panels Lois turned the tables on Oogamooga by having a Lois Lane android built, and now the Astounding Man android and the Lois Lane android got married and neither of their operators are aware THEIR androids are married to OTHER androids. I would say that this story tells me DC's writers were harboring a few cynical feelings about the institution of marriage, but we should never assume malice when a more likely solution is incompetence. And deadlines.