Last time on STUPID COMICS we took a trip through the land of recycled comic book plots. Well, today we're kind of recycling our own idea and highlighting an even lazier practice of the comic book industry - re-using entire old stories, art and all. Now THAT'S being Earth-friendly!

Separated by eleven years and a lifetime of fashion choices, these two DC romance comics present the reader with two versions of the same awkward situation.

The '61 version even repurposes the cover art to serve as a splash page. And... so does the 1972 edition. That is getting your money's worth out of artwork.

And later in the story when we actually get the characters to their fateful meeting in the restaurant with the note from the lady at the next table, hey, let's just use that same exact artwork again! It's just sitting there in the flat file, we got a stat machine, let's go for it. The readers will never notice.

Little tweaks of dialog, hairstyles, promises melting in the furnaces of dreams, all highlight the changes America went through in the tumultuous 60s. Namely, people got lazy.

Nan, I mean Lynn's, best friend Estelle has achieved a remarkable personality transformation! Thanks DC editorial, you've taken a cheap reprint and given it a weird, tokenistic vibe all its own.

Please Lynn, give love one more chance in the arms of your recently African-Americanized girlfriend!

1961's weird gypsy lady? Too weird and ethnic. Let's replace her with a clumsy photostat of Black Estelle.

Nan's sidewalk cafe time with New Guy is interrupted by Brazen Hussy repeating the comic's cover, while in 1972, Lynn's sidewalk cafe time with New Guy has a strange blank space where Brazen Hussy used to be. Cleary, Brazen Hussy failed to properly implement important segments of the Five-Year Plan, fell out of favor with the Praesidium, and became an unperson. She's now breaking rocks in Siberia.

And Nan/Lynn finally finds love and the art department of DC Comics breathes a sigh of relief in having filled 7 pages with repurposed artwork. They're doing their part to save the environment - the environment of DC's profit statements, that is!