Just when you thought that Al Hartley and Jack Chick had cornered the market on Christian witnessing comics, here comes Merlin J. Carothers and his rollicking ride from PRISON TO PRAISE, cheerfully illustrated by "Stupid Comics" fave Tony Tallarico!

Actually the "praise" part of this story far outweighs the "prison" part.

In fact this is about as far as it gets, Carothers getting busted for going AWOL from his airborne unit during WWII. How did this clearly irresponsible and mildly hell-raising individual turn into a Spirit-filled gospel preacher? Does it involve doing whatever the voices in his head tell him to do? I bet it does!

God, if you'll change my slightly directionless grandson, I will give up something that I should give up anyway because it's killing me! (God) Wow, thanks.

So this is a greater adventure into the unknown than, say, parachuting into Europe during the Second World War. OK then. I guess that war wasn't nearly as interesting as movies make it out to be.

By the way, hypnosis leaves you open to the works of Satan. Or Reveen, whichever.

Carothers experiences pentecostal spirit-filling wonder and is moved to ask God to work actual miracles. And if you've ever tried to quit smoking you know what I'm talking about! Am I right? (mild laughter, applause)

The spirit of God moves soldiers... to puke. That's an interesting solution there, God. Maybe not the traditional way to handle it, but hey, you move in mysterious ways.

Carothers is sent to Vietnam where immediately he starts using the Power Of Praise to twist God's arm into working real amazing miracles of lasting importance! Like, say, getting some soldier's wife to say grace before meals!

Yes, in the middle of the horror and terror of one of the most destructive conflicts in recent times, God is making his presence known to mankind by hectoring wives at the dinner table.

Here we see proof of God's awesome power and the amazing ability of prayer to change things as God ignores the murder of millions and instead fixes some kid's feet. I'm glad to see SOMEBODY is looking out for those poor deprived white American children! By the way God, after you fix my feet I want a color TV and some Hot Wheels!

The voice in Carothers' head takes a threatening tone, but luckily, his Stockholm Syndrome prevents any resentment or irritation.

Carothers' "praise everything" attitude is catching! That's how you know you're reading a comic book, when somebody says "Praise God, I'm going to Vietnam!" However, the mere act of praising God about going to Vietnam means that your legal office buddy will pull strings to get you out of being sent to Vietnam. I bet millions of drafted soldiers wished they knew about this little Vietnam-dodging trick!

So what have we learned about God from this comic? He can help you quit smoking, make your wives religious, make a kid's feet stop hurting, get you out of Vietnam, and paralyze you for life if you aren't sufficently thankful. Truly, good news for modern man.