If only there was a magazine that would keep us informed of all the happenings in the lives of our favorite 70s superstars like the Osmonds, the Jacksons, David Cassidy, Rick Springfield, and the Bradys! If only!

OS FIGHT! No, it's not a feature story about the battle between Mac OS and Windows, but another phoney drama cooked up to try and make the Osmonds interesting. SPEC Magazine was jam packed with this kind of vital information and helped keep an entire generation of teen girls up to date on their favorite manufactured media darlings. But that's not all - SPEC Magazine also kept Harvey Comics' star artist Ernie Colon busy with the teen romance comic strip "A Girl Named Joey"! This isn't the first time we've featured a "Joey" story, but this one is kind of, well, special. You'll see.

Enormous flared trousers! Frilly ruffles on your sweater vest! Complete lack of taste or restraint! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... THE 1970S.

Maxie continues her bitchin' right through class, right through Joey's daydream of her dreamy dream date, and right in front of what I believe is a young, pre-moustache Prince. Complaining about having to babysit her brother and entertain her cousin. Oh, what a nightmare, you poor poor girl. Why, she's complaining so hard it took the frilly sleeves right off Joey's vest!

And now they're outside again! Grousing in front of a realistically-drawn Jackie Jokers, even.

But the next morning sees Maxie in a happy mood even a savage cheek-pinch can't squelch. What gives?

Oh, that's what gives, you had a romantic evening, alone with your... COUSIN. Because this is what, Kentucky? Certain parts of Alabama? Come on SPEC Magazine, technically this may be legal, but... ew.

Special guest appearance by the Brady Bunch!