All right gang, let's open our funny pages and see what's happening in the Archie world this week!

What's that? A treasure hunt involving a chest full of money?

A boy AND a girl are needed to enter this contest? This IS a "Jughead" story so we know who the male half of this equation is. And the female will be... Betty? Big Ethel? Miss Grundy?

NOSSIR IT'S THE RETURN OF CRICKET O'DELL! She's BETTER than a girl! Hide your wallets and clasp those purses tightly because when there's cash to be found, she'll find it.

Here we see the Cricket in action in her natural habitat, which is anywhere wallets are filled with money.

She's so fast she finds the money before the contest organizers have had a chance to hide it! Hey wait a minute, ANYBODY could find the money that quickly. I mean, it's in the bank, duh.

This JUGHEAD story was one of the first times the controversial issue of female financial frustration was dealt with in such a mature and forthright manner.

The sneaky bankers confuse the money-sniffing nose of Cricket with decoy armored cars! Think about that sentence for a while. And when people ask you why you read comic books, simply tell them that sometimes comic books are completely insane.

But the lustful impulses of the healthy American teenager will not be denied. I mean, it's the 60s!

Somebody should have a talk with Cricket's parents, I think.

Unable to even HIDE the money properly, the bank president, or contest organizer, or whoever, takes matters into his own hands and strikes deep at the heart of Cricket's mysterious power. This deeply emblematic scene illustrates how the forces of repressive society - parents, bankers, community leaders - seek to belittle and weaken the inherent strength and youthful exuberance of the younger generation. Or maybe it's just a ribbon.

Cricket dudn't neeb the paber! Cricket's amabing poweh ib beyond all wationul scientifid weasonind!

And hey! Cricket can use her half of the prize money to get knee replacement surgery! I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to 'click', even around money.

Thanks for joining us on our two-part exploration into the world of Cricket O'Dell. If you'd like to see more Cricket in action, simply go to Riverdale, drop a quarter on the ground and then STAND BACK!!