Modern pedagogy meets science fiction in CALLING 2R, the comic strip that dares to ask if the troubled youth of 1940 could be turned into productive, radio-hat sporting citizens!

Let's visit BOYSTATE and its capital BOYVILLE where THE SKIPPER and the CAPTAIN discuss Speck, a troubled youth who "thinks it's smart to be tough." Note the Captain's sporty RADIO HAT. You'll all be wearing them come 1950!

I know Boystate Rangers are trustworthy and loyal, but V-Y seems a little too boastful of owing a handgun that will allow him to 'do as he wishes' to Speck.

Remember when I shock you with my electric vest, it's for your own good. You must be disciplined!

Further investigation of force-ray equipped zippers is thankfully interrupted by a carload of gangster spies.

How humiliating; captured by a man in a radio hat and a 'cosmotocar.'

The last remaining spy is still on the loose, however. Look out, 'bug-plane'!

what a day for Speck. Blasted by a zipper-controlled force ray, then pistol-whipped by a spy. Still, it beats reform school!

Hey kid, thanks for letting me out of that locker! Thanks a whole bunch!

Gripped by low self-esteem, Speck saves the day with fast force-gun action.

I agree, given the chance most boys have what it takes to wear radio hats and blast spies with ray guns. Now if we can only get them to mow the lawn or take out the trash! How about inventing a ray for THAT, smarty pants radio hat man?

And so we see how adventure with spies and cosmo-guns turns troubled teens into fine upstanding Real American Boys. If only all our disadvantaged or delinquent youth could visit Boystate and its capital Boyville, home of the radio hat and the electric ray zipper!