Are you ready to battle for a brighter future... in the future... along with an amazing superhero with uncanny powers and a terrific hi-top fade? Sure you are! Get ready for STARRAY THE AMAZING STARRFIGHTER!

"Tonight's episode... THE BIG TAKEDOWN."

As you can clearly see it's the future and we're on the planet Galaxcia, the artificial entertainment-tourist trap planet where excitement rules 24 hours a day and the laws of perspective do not apply. Also, the drug dealers have flying cars. Because it's the future!

It clearly being the future, everybody still wears suits and ties and 1940s style hats, especially the mysterious guy who something tells me might not be the original purchaser of said illegal future narcotics.

It's a setup! Or more precisely a "setup"! The inevitable Starrfighter, his uncanny at full power, whips into action!! And no I'm not sure of the usage of "inevitable" in this context but we're just going with it!!

Wow, Starray is throwing those ninja "starrs" at speeds of UP TO 25 MILES AN HOUR! That is... uh... not very fast at all.

Sometimes you just have to adjust your starbands to the e-net and stick people to street poles. And sometimes the captions have to explain things you can clearly see happening in the panel, because... well, I don't know why.

Mission accomplished! All you "here" are the sounds of the city as Starray walks back to his transport, which is so amazingly futuristic! Get this - it's a FLYING CAR. Pretty awesome right? What? It's the future and everybody has flying cars? Oh.

In his secret Starrbase headquarters at the bottom of a swimming pool Starray talks to his only friend, his high tech "humaniod" assistant Soundtrack. Available soon from Hasbro!

But the forces of evil, represented by a giant hand and a roast turkey, are becoming concerned about this "vigillanty" who is smashing up their drug deals with e-nets and 25 mph ninja starrs. What can be done?

Looks like trouble is erupting again, which means Starray puts on his Starrsuit, his "multi-equiped" utility belt, his hi-tech Starrbands, and a new hi-tech pair of his ULTIMATE STARRSHADES! You can't fight crime without Starrshades, the kids would laugh at you!

No, it's not "Spidey Sense". It's "psychic sense". Though it does work in exactly the same way, depicted in the exact same method. Maybe at some point Starray was bitten by a radioactive starr, or a radioactive ray. It would explain some things.

Sometimes the comic you're doing is SO CLEVER that it surprises even you! And you WROTE IT!

I was worried there for a minute that Starray would fail to save the kid who would die horribly on the "electric billboard". But Starray can fly at speeds of up to 90 miles an hour, which is not quite as fast as a normal automobile! So there's no danger, kid. Fall away.

Wondering where Starrfighter came from? God, apparently. Says so right there. Personally I think God could use an inker and a proofreader.

My Spidey Sense is.. I mean my Psychic Sense is jolting as the caption describes the thumb of the villain pressing down on the button of the switch that activates the countdown! How will Starrrrray survive this amazing explosion?? Be sure to pick up the next episode!

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Thanks to the inevitable, uncanny reader JG for this comic!