We've got a right to start a little fight BonANZAAAA!" With that stirring theme song one of America's most beloved family Westerns rode across your TV screen for years and years as we watched Pa Cartwright's boys Little Joe and Adam grow up and Hoss grow... Hoss just grew. Anyway BONANZA spilled out into the world of comics and today we present one of them, a solo Hoss story we like to call... "Double Harness."

Yesssir, whipping around these treacherous mountain trails at breakneck speed, with horses that hate each other, is the only way to... ROADBLOCK! AIEEE!

And there go the horses, free to roam the West and trample on Hoss.

A 'Sky Pilot' can 'play possum'? Who says you don't learn anything from comics?

Preacher-man's uncharacteristic violent outburst gets him a un-Christian bullet in the back, but Billy's teeth turn the tables.

FINALLY Hoss springs to action. Took you long enough, Hoss!

And if your life depends on Hoss's nursing abilities, then I suggest you start making out your will! Curse this Carson City nurse shortage!

Uh oh, now Hoss has been caught up in a mysterious web of intrigue and suspense and non-existent sisters.

Ah, so that explains it, Billy Dodd is actually Belle Hobson who disguised herself as a man to prove she could be as good a man as any other man. And apparently in Carson City "manliness" is defined as "stage driving". "Stage DIVING", on the other hand, proves you're as good as anybody else in the mosh pit at the punk rock show.

Sky Pilot Preacher Man wakes up from his coma and ignores the girl nurse in front of him to instead inquire after the health and safety of "Billy". Apparently he found himself strangely intrigued by "Billy" for some reason he cannot explain.

The reward money is used to build a fine new church for Carson City - but what if you built a church and nobody came? Huh?

Not to worry - in Carson City you are MARCHED TO CHURCH AT GUNPOINT by a CROSS DRESSING COWBOY. Get moving, you BUNCH-QUITTERS!

Those are some pretty harsh words, Preach! Hey Sky Pilot, isn't this the town whose residents kept you from dying and gave you thousands of dollars to build your church, which we were then marched to at gunpoint? Cut us some slack!

I'll never let you go until you promise to marry me, which legally enables me to never let you go! Now get out of those man-clothes - it's DOUBLE HARNESS TIME!

Meanwhile Hoss watches, smiling with satisfaction. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR ANOTHER EXCITING EPISODE OF "BONANZA!"