Been a while since we checked in with our old pal Hot Stuff The Little Devil & Tattoo Icon. I wonder what he's up to?

Torturing insects. Great! Keep up the good work, you charming imp of Satan.

The appearance of Hot Stuff invariably frightens people, especially new mothers who unwisely chose to stay up late last night watching "Rosemary's Baby".

Back in the old days mothers used to just dose crying babies up with "soothing syrup", the most famous of which contained the active ingredient "morphine". That'll quiet your kid right up, no doubt about it! These days it's perfectly acceptable to calm Junior down with modern concoctions that merely contain staggering amounts of good old alcohol. Chug it, Hot Stuff! I wish I had more too!

Uh oh, looks like Hot Stuff shouldn't be drinking stuff out of bottles he finds lying around on the ground! Personally I have always been able to resist the temptation to huff down liquids found in trash, but Hot Stuff, he's a rebel.

Hot Stuff's skin is becoming pink-colored, like some people, "some people" meaning "99% of the people found in Harvey Comics, except for Tiny over in Little Audrey, and that experimental book Harvey put out in 1974, Uncle Funky And The Soul Booty Hot Pants Gang!"

Yes, Hot Stuff is turning into a regular human toddler. Looks like his diaper fetish will finally be of some use.

Here's childhood anxieties spelled out in no uncertain terms - babied over by a lot of strange women, and chased by cops. I think I'll take the cops. Less pinching.

Uh oh, Baby Hot Stuff discovers the internet.

So, now trolls dress like cavemen and chase babies? What happened to living under bridges and harrassing people on Usenet?

I see trolls are distracted by fairies. That's good to know! I'll try this strategy the next time I'm arguing with somebody on a message board.

Awww, poor baby Hot Stuff is really hungry. Sorry Baby Hot Stuff, I know what you want, but you won't find it here; nobody in Harvey Comics has breasts.

On the other hand there was this handy dish of hot peppers. Mothers, why not try this with your babies? Maybe there was a mix up at the hospital and you got a baby-fied Hot Stuff by mistake! Sure, give it a shot. What's the harm?

I wish this comic book had solved the troll problem with a solution that involved "not feeding" the trolls, but you can't have everything.

This is good advice from Hot Stuff, especially when you're at a party and somebody gives you a drink and you don't know what's in it. You won't turn INTO a baby, but somebody might try to, let's just say, perform actions that may bring a baby into existence. Without your permission.

WAKE UP CHARMA. They're wearing the SAME DIAPERS. Which brings up the question, how old is Hot Stuff supposed to be anyways? Old enough to walk, talk fly, burn things, fight monsters, and cause trouble, but not old enough to wear big-boy pants or know not to drink stuff he finds on the ground? I'm confused and agitated like a colicky baby. Better take a big gulp of soothing syrup.