Today's feature technically isn't a comic book, per se, but it has words and pictures that work together to tell a story. And it has cats, so the Internet will be happy with it regardless.

Today Mister Kitty dares to rip the lid off the contagion that threatens to destroy our way of life - cat alcoholism! Or "Calcoholism" as we like to call it. Have YOU a kitty that can't get off the sauce? Desperate for help? Read on!

Okay, so far this is normal cat behavior, including the "is that mine?" face the cat makes when it's sniffing around your food.

This photo is just funny. It's our gift to you, world.

Again, this is normal cat behavior, pretending to be chased by invisible monsters is certainly typical. Cat hangovers, not so much.

"What's that, voices only I can hear? Pee on random objects? Claw furniture? Wake everybody up at 6:30am? Freak out when the phone rings? You got it, voice! Anything for you!"

Again, this is normal for our cat, who believes all visitors are horrifying demons who live to capture and torture cats, even though this has never happened to her or any cat she knows ever.

"Well, can't get to sleep. Maybe another rum & coke will settle my inner emotional turmoil and paralyzing anxiety."

Sleeping in the middle of the afternoon? No sir, OUR cat would NEVER sleep 18 or 20 hours a day. NO SIR.

So you recovered with the help of an anonymous organization? Okay, just tell me their name! Yeah I KNOW they're anonymous, JUST TELL ME THEIR NAME!!

Again, drunk or sober, this is typical cat behavior.


Without friends or outside help there could only be... a windowsill without a cat in it. Okay, so what? OH IT'S A METAPHOR FOR DEATH. Thanks.


You'd think that the Cat AA would have a cat door. I'm just sayin'.


There you go Kitty! You're free now! Free to roam the grounds of the private treatment center! Run along now!

Seriously, did the people making this book just let this cat go in a park somewhere? I know if we did that with OUR cat, we would never see that cat again. Admittedly sometimes that's an attractive proposition. But the fact remains that cats don't always come when you call 'em, especially after a long car ride to a strange park full of god knows what.

So that's the story of the Cat Who Drank Too Much, your ABC Afterschool Special starring Scott Baio. What's that, you need more information? Sure, here you go.

There, that was helpful, maybe. So long, drunky!!