It's time once again for another visit from the animal feed company that was also a comic book publisher - Kasco! Yes, Kasco, the company that will keep your horses, chickens, pigs, geese, and dogs fat and sassy, but also allows the weary farmer to relax with fine comical stories by "Katy Keene" legend Bill Woggon.

Let's join the Pickett family - Dad, Ma, Jimmy and Polly - as they gaze lovingly at what can only be a big fat check. Did Dad win the lottery? Did the gummint in Warshington raise farm subsidies? Or does this mysterious cash-radiating check have something to do with Kasco? Let's find out.

We join the Picketts on just another normal day down on the farm; Ma is grousing about something and Dad is going up on the barn roof, hoping desperately he doesn't get another one of his "dizzy spells". Uh oh!

Tragedy strikes the Pickett farm! Looks like it's up to Jimmy and Polly to manage the farm now that Dad's laid up with a broken leg. Maybe he should talk to the doctor about his dizzy spells? Naw, that sawbones has enough on his plate. Bother him about it later.

The gossip mill shifts into high gear as the boys down at the creamery, eager for any news whatsoever from the outside world, are shocked to learn that one of their best milk producers has had an accident! The dickens, you say! Did you hear that, fellows?

Soon every employee of the creamery has abandoned their duties, caught up in speculating exactly how hard Jimmy and Polly will have to work to keep their milk production to pre-accident levels. It doesn't take much to distract those creamery boys, I guess.

Turns out Dad was just about to implement the top-secret KASCOPLAN XZ-17 directive when his "dizzy spell" led to his accident. Dare the Pickett kids take destiny - and the KASCOLATOR - into their own hands and bring Dad's plans to reality??

Let's not tell Dad the good news - it's not like he needs cheering up or reassurance or anything while he's laid up in bed with a serious injury. That FARM NEWS is plenty.

But you can't keep any secrets from the top-notch intelligence operatives at the creamery! The Pickett farm is doing swell. Have you heard? There is literally nothing else to talk about except for the milk yields over at the Pickett spread, let's just gossip this all over the map, jesus I cannot wait until they invent cable TV.

It's as simple as A-B-C, folks! Use the KASCO BEATSALL DAIRY PLAN, preferably while wearing clothes made from KASCO DRESPRINT SAX and chanting "Kasco-Nyo-Rhee-Gyo" three times a day while facing East, and you'll save money in feed bills with no drop in milk production!! Money will radiate outwards from your smiling face. Also you'll give your neighbors something to talk about for the next three or four months, for which they'll be grateful.

Yes turn roughage into profits with the KASCO BEATSALL DAIRY PLAN. Step one: get some cows. Step two: feed them only KASCO brand feed. Step three: milk the cows, preferably into some kind of container. Step four: sell the milk. Step five: PROFIT!!! if no profit is forthcoming, you have not used THE KASCOLATOR properly. Begin again. In the meantime here are some swell games to play while you're waiting for your KASCO to arrive.

Try this one at your next party! Ask somebody when they were born and how old they are, do a bunch of math, and VOILA - you can tell them how old they are and when they were born! AMAZING. Then post their photos onto pictures of clowns and strongmen. PARTY OVER!!