Space Giants is a great monster TV show that was a mid 1970s English dub of a late 1960s Japanese TV show based on a Japanese comic by Osamu "Astro Boy" Tezuka. Confused yet? Just wait. In the mid 70s some enterprising guys got the rights from the American distributor to release a comic book based on Space Giants. This they then did.

I found this comic in the dollar bin at a comic book convention, years after the show had left the air. I know this cover contains all four colors, but for some reason they're not cooperating.

The art by Richard Lynn and Pasquale Gabriele is more Jack Kirby than Osamu Tezuka. Actually it's more Rich Buckler. Come to think of it, it's more Ken Landegraf swiping Rich Buckler copying Jack Kirby, and Tezuka's off having a smoke somewhere.

Actually that's a pretty good Rodak.

Rodak flees like a coward while Goldar gets real skinny and admonishes us to unite to preserve the world for all mineral-based life forms.

Fast forward fourteen years, and these same enterprising guys, noting the success of Space Giants on the convention bootleg video circuit, release a re-drawn version of their Space Giants comic published by Hart Fisher's "Boneyard Press".

Since this is 1993 the inking is all tiny little Image lines and the dialog emphasizes words that really shouldn't be emphasized. Also, Rodak has discovered hair care products.

In this backup story Goldar returns to Earth and meets a grown-up Miko. There must have been a sale on Zip-a-tone in outer space somewhere.

If you're wondering just what REAL Space Giants comics might look like, here's a bit of Osamu Tezuka's MAGUMA TAISHI manga from the '60s.

Will Space Giants ever get a real, non-bootleg American home video release? Or will these painfully inept comics be the only evidence that giant golden jet-plane robots once walked the Earth? Only time will tell. In the meantime, preserve the Earth for mineral-based life forms!