Hey gang! Let's check in with Dr. Doom! No, not the one from Marvel Comics with the metal armor and the kingdom of Latveria, not the green-skinned guy who was always bugging Little Archie, not the... okay, fine, there have been a lot of Dr. Dooms. This one lives in the future and is an evil scientist! Okay, they're all evil scientists. This one's in the future!

In a giant run-on sentence that I'm still trying to parse we're informed of who Dr. Doom is and who captured him and where they took him and how he's now escaping. That's a "huge transport space liner"? I've seen RVs bigger than that. Get with the program, future!

We learn two important things from this sequence of panels - number one, that the spaceships of the future are really into the whole minimalist look, and two, that whatever science Dr. Doom practices, it's got nothing to do with cosmetic surgery, because woof, that guy fell outta the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Meanwhile on Jupiter, Jan and Wanda realize Doom has escaped and they know where he's headed, so they call the cops, and... no, they just blast off to Earth. I guess in the future Jan and Wanda handle all our evil scientist chasing needs.

Appearing suddenly out of the yellowness, Doom's henchmen grab Jan and Wanda. Jan, or Wanda, seems distraught, but Wanda, or Jan, is stoically accepting their fate. I guess the artist didn't have swipe reference for a frightened man.

I'm liking Dr. Doom's high-tech laboratory of the future, which comes equipped with stone floors and a rough wooden table. Spare no expense, Doc!

I suppose if you could use a "diminishing ray" on itself, maybe it wouldn't be so "huge". Try shooting it at a mirror, Doc.

Science in action, kids. We're testing Einstein's "what happens when you shrink people down and have them fight mosquitoes" theorem here.

Jan has brains! More brains than the writers of this story, who evidently are confusing bees with mosquitoes. My advice is, if they offer you honey, DON'T EAT IT

Here we reveal the vital scientifc datum "you cannot ride mosquitoes like horses."

Their only chance is to make them lose the stingers they don't have, which will make them die at once. Except they won't, because they don't.

Here's a little known fact, you can distract mosquitoes in the same way bullfighters distract bulls, by swiping artwork of a bullfighter and using it in your terrible comic book story about an evil scientist who shrinks people and has them fight bugs.

Nothing makes a mosquito madder than a tiny guy waving a red cloak! It makes them sting like crazy! Or it would, if they had stingers. I'm just saying.

And if you lay your red cloth on the ground, mosquitoes will "sting" it and "release their deadly poison", which kills them. I am learning amazing, hitherto unknown facts about mosquitoes thanks to Dr. Doom.

Jan had previously been signalling to Dr. Doom, but those signals involved just one finger.

Hey, let's not say Dr. Doom isn't a good sport! He restores all our insect fighters to normal size BEFORE writing up his notes on "Aspects Of Pest Control Via Shrinking People Down To The Size Of Bugs And Letting Them Duke It Out."

So, are our heroes Jan and Wanda doomed to be Dr. Doom's guinea pigs forever??

Nope, a good solid right hook lays Dr. Doom out like wholesale carpet, and they call the future police and... no, wait, they just leave him chained up in his own laboratory, plotting his revenge. Way to handle things, Jan. Watch for Dr. Doom's revenge in the next issue, you dope!