Oh boy! The cover to a premier issue, featuring press type lettering, lovingly rendered in... coloured pencils I guess? Starring Charlie the Caveman, and his doppelganger or something in a tree, a sexy blonde, a... monster... monochrome lumberjack... cats? Squirrels? hit with a club... I guess the caption "exploring tomorrow's dreams" is literal, and this is an illustration of someone's nightmare. Probably mine. Let's have a look!

The dream begins with our titular caveman floating high over a prehistoric jungle, swinging his club so hard through the air that it creates a "bam! bam!" sound even though he's just kind of swiping a plant. In the background, we see a giant pterodactyl fly in front of a volcano that's ready to erupt. This is an obvious allusion to erectile dysfunction, I mean I don't even have to explain it do I? The pterodactyl, having gone extinct by the time homo erectus (see? see?!) was around, represents a fear of becoming obsolete.

Oh, and there's a brontosaurus or something by the tree. IDK, probably means erections again.

"A pair of baby dinosaur eyes peering through weeds" is a common metaphor for female genitalia that appears often in the subconscious mind, though the illustration in this panel makes that more than clear on its own!

Then, of course, as often happens in dreams, seen from another angle the "baby dinosaur" becomes an obvious phallic symbol. The dreamer is likely suffering mild gender confusion.

Premature ejaculation is a problem for many men.

"Escape" here is presented as a metaphorical re-birthing where a primitive man appears from between the legs of an unknown species of dinosaur. It's clear that in this dreamer's subconscious, the dinosaurs represent the female, and the caveman represents the male. This is significant since, again, dinosaurs and humans didn't co-exist, meaning that the dreamer has never known a woman's touch.

Or maybe it's about toilet training. Yeah, that could be it too.

So Charlie goes back into his cave (I don't need to tell you what that means!) and... uh... s... s-sperm penetrates eggs...? Then Charlie falls asleep, because isn't that just like a man.

Also, only putting 3 or 4 panels onto each page is a great way to increase your page count. Dreams are great for speedy comic-making tips!

Sleeping-within-a-dream indicates avoidance of real-life problems. A cave getting covered in ice indicates female frigidity. A beard getting longer and longer indicates a technical pen with a ruined nib.

In dream symbolism, water bursting through a bamboo door (trust me, that's what's going on there) indicates hard truths bursting through the dreamer's subconscious mind. A caveman on a beach is a delicious tiki-themed cocktail.

"The girl of his dreams" means literally a girl that could only appear in a dream, usually after having eaten meat that's turned a bit.

Two-headed surfer dudebro represents the dreamer's alter-ego. This panel taking up one half of the entire page represents the artist's desire to get through this mess as quickly as possible.

Incidentally, this is the second half of the page. Yeah, I don't know either.

VW Bugs are frequently found as symbols of vagina dentata in dreams.

At this point the dream totally goes off the rails. The dreamer is clearly having a nervous breakdown. It's not doing me any favours either.

The pages of the very comic we're supposed to be reading being blank indicates the deepest desire of everyone actually reading this comic.

The shark coming out of the water represents the desire for death I now have after reading this comic. We'll be looking out for that contest though.