It's well known that in the world of comics, nobody has more uncles and aunts than Little Dot. I cannot imagine the explosion of branches on that family tree erupting from her grandparents on both sides. Must have been something in the water.

Anyway, let's check in with Little Dot and one of her many aunts. Will this one be a photographer? An actress? A stuntwoman? Or maybe a lady wrestler?

And lady wrestler it is. Subverting a male-dominated industry while retaining her femininity! But surely this causes friction between her and her fiance?!

Friction indeed, as Clifford demands she quit wrestling and Haff's pride won't let her quit until a better wrestler comes along. Sure, Clifford has a good reason for wanting Haff to quit - "the boys at the office" might laugh at him. Wow, grow a pair, Cliffy.

Cliff, please refrain from describing what Haff is like in the throes of passion - there are children present!

I must meddle in the affairs of others! But how? HOW? Dot, why don't you get your nose out of other people's business and concentrate on your own well-being? I mean, you forgot to put on pants this morning!

Haff swears on a stack of "Inside Wrestling" magazines that she'll quit if somebody out-wrestles her. Who does Dot know that's big and strong and can out-wrestle anybody? Richie Rich? Jackie Jokers? That bitch Little Audrey? WHO?

OH YEAH! It's Little Lotta doing a heel turn as a ringer brought in to provoke a championship bout with Haff!

Man, Lotta is really getting into this.

Damn, Lotta! Dial that back a notch!

This comic is from back in the day when strange adults were allowed to - nay, EXPECTED TO manhandle obstreperous or truculent children. These days it's all WHOOP WHOOP STRANGER DANGER and a visit from the authorities, and obstreperosity and truculence run rampant!

And the crowd goes wild as Lotta uses a simple forearm grapple and a Hochman spin followed by a typical hurl-into-the-air move. Pretty standard wrestling stuff, but the audience eats it up.

Pinned by a little girl? You'd BEST give up wrestling, missy!

And the moral of the story is that perfectly capable women should give up their well-paying careers to satisfy male ego - and who makes them give those careers up? OTHER WOMEN! Dang.