Once again we're taking a look at the fallout of the black and white boom of the 1980s, when every goof with a trust fund, a Sharpie, and the phone number of a comic book distributor figured he'd express himself artistically AND be the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. As we've seen, the results weren't quite so rosy.

Lance Stanton, Wayward Warrior, is the buzz-cut champion of some kind of scientific compound, apparently situated in a wilderness of ruins and crazy mutants.

His boss is Lord Craygun, who is shown here wondering if Lance really, honestly, likes him... you know, REALLY likes him.

It just wouldn't be a wasteland without some sexy chick fighting robots, now would it? No, it wouldn't.
DREAM WEAVER is a textbook example of the "deep psychological need" school of comics; it's about a regular guy who's wrongly convicted of murder and while in jail becomes part of an experimental program that allows him to project his conciousness inside somebody else's psyche. Just like the movie "Cell", but without J-Lo.

As the story opens our hero is attacking some guards while a "Three Stooges" episode plays in the background. And this is the "normal" part of the story.

This is what mental illness looks like. Why am I not surprised?

No, this isn't "Tales Designed To Thrizzle." For one thing, this isn't funny. Not intentionally, anyway.

What's in the head of the emotionally disturbed? Hobos! Nothin' but hobos!

Who knew faces of fear could explode like a cluster bomb? Not me.

Next on our list is C.R.O.W.BAR 9, yet another amazing homemade black and white superhero comic. Because America loves those things!

Let's see... big guy + ethnic guy + cape guy + fast guy + three sexy chicks = AWESOME!!

This super-team of super-champions has been assembled to battle a terrible alien menace. Also to pose.

This COULD get crazy? This could very possibly already BE crazy.

"Photon to Crow 2 - my arm may be deformed and lumpy, but the ass - it's PERFECT!"

GI "Kung Fu Grip" Joe and Damaged Hair Anorexia Barbie share a moment.

Awesome climax involves a giant muscular whip wielding one-eyed tentacled alien under the control of a floating mutant with epaulets, and a promise of subterreanean battles yet to come!! What's not to love? Punchline: this comic is from 1998! Proof the independent spirit of the 1980s lives on!!