If you're concerned about your mental health, sure, you could pay some overpriced stuffed shirt to listen to you blah blah blah about your mother in his fancy office... OR you could turn to the real mental health specialists, Dagwood Bumstead, his wife Blondie, and their two kids Alexander and Cookie! And their dog Daisy and her puppies.

Yeah, Daisy had a whole litter of puppies that stuck around for something like 2 decades I guess? Until they finally got adopted out or graduated college or something.

Anyway this comic was a giveaway so obviously it's gonna be cheaper than some over-educated shrink, right? Teach us about mental health Dag!!

The Bumstead's neighbours the Woodleys burst into their living room to demand the secrets to their happy family, are crestfallen and disbelieving to find the secret to happiness is simply helping others and trying to understand them. But there are a few things everyone should know... Xanax, Prozac, Abilify... things like that.

Seriously though, the secret to happiness is obviously having your house overrun with Daisy-lookalike puppies. I could never be sad surrounded by those cheery little gray things. Look at 'em! Their little sock-like paws.

Exhibit A in our mental health roundup: The secret to happiness is working for a demanding tyrant who physically and verbally abuses you. What's happier than living in a dream world where all your revenge fantasies can come true?

OR, you can do some repairs around the house, but in a haphazard and likely ineffective manner. Aw let's face it, that's not how he got it out of his system-- Herb was on the other side of that fence. In fact he still is; his head is nailed on pretty good.

Professor Daisy lectures her puppies about the lesson learned after each strip. Humans, unlike dogs, can't always growl and snarl and bite at an aggressor, so they have to find someone weaker than them who won't fight back! I suppose this means Mrs. Dithers is giving Mr. Dithers hell at home. Which begs the question, who is giving Mrs. Dithers hell to make her take it out on Julius? What a vicious circle!!

"Candy for your WIFE?" the candy shop man asks in disbelief. I guess that's what Dagwood gets for shopping at "Candy For Your Mistress LLC".

EVERYONE NEEDS LOVE shouts Daisy, moments before realizing one of her children is planning on eloping with an alley cat. See if she's still all about the free love when she sees pictures of the eventual grandkids!

This doesn't seem like such an onerous task for Dagwood quite frankly. Doesn't he empty the refrigerator on a regular basis?

It's lucky for Dagwood that the contents of the fridge are entirely the ingredients for one of his sandwiches. No fruit, no vegetable other than lettuce, maybe that's some onion slices on his shoulder? or slice hard boiled egg, I dunno. Anyway the point is the only thing he's cleaning out is food he was gonna eat anyway.

Don't forget MOTHER AND DAD ARE PEOPLE TOO! Whoever their dad is! Though I'm guessing he's another gray dog with floppy sock-like paws.

So remember folks, if all those MAOIs and SSRIs aren't doing the trick, go make a sandwich, buy candy for your wife, and most importantly, surround yourself with dogs! Blondie and Dagwood got you covered.