Are you ready for exciting adventures with the Falcon? No, not that Falcon. The other one. What's that? You don't know of any other Falcons? Well, obviously you haven't been keeping up with the latest developments in fourth-dimensional projection, now have you?

Flip Falcon, Inventor of the Fourth Dimension Machine, which allows him to project himself INTO THE FUTURE - one second at a time! Amazing that such a dedicated and brilliant scientist can't find a better nickname than "Flip." That's a name I associate with fry cooks or pancake specialists. Anyway, on with the monsters, apparently!

"dot dash dot, dot dot dot dash, dot dot" = "Dear monsters, please smash Fort Dix. Thanks, your pal, Evil Power."

ALTERNATE JOKE - something about if he picked up a code he should rest and drink lots of fluids, maybe

Fourth Dimension Investigating must pay off, look at that nice living room set. Oh well, fire up those generators Adele, I'm off to the Fourth Dimension again! I'll bring back another end table.

dammit, FLIP is master of the fourth dimension, and no power grasping Tibetan rat is going to look through his dimension viso-mirror and use it to gain control of the world! Sounds like Flip has a case of the "I was here firsts!"

Here we see the leader of the monsters of the fourth dimension, who appears to be a naked football player, charging down that center line to win one for Team Fourth Dimension Monsters.

However, the electrons that control Flip's body explode, somehow leaving Flip unharmed but blasting that monster into oblivion. So many questions.. Is oblivion just the next stop down the line from the fourth dimension? Can MY electrons explode at any time?

Jeez, just a few trips to the fourth dimension and already his speech patterns have shifted totally into "pompous windbag" mode. I bet he's the kind of guy who hollers "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" at hotel concierges.

Who's the guy who controls all the evil spirits? Chang! Who's the one who pulls the evil spirits lever? Chang! Who's fiendish laugh is just "hee hee"? Chang, that's who! Yaaaaaaay Chang!

But all the evil spirits who ever existed ever in the history of everything are no match for Flip and his dimension control button. Also these evil spirits will be destroyed if they ever get near the Earth, so it's a question of how useful these evil spirits will be in Chang's conquest of the world. I'm just sayin'.

Free of the spirits, Flip shoots towards Tibet, which is a good trick because as far as we know, he's still in the Fourth Dimension. Maybe there's also a Tibet in the Fourth Dimension.

Chang lays an evil trap for Flip, and this evil trap involves dangling some sort of weird floppy hose off a balcony. But Flip is a tricky chap.

"You know you look like you could really use a knuckle massage. Here, lie back. Oh, there's a lot of tension here. Your shoulders need a lot of work. Isn't that better?"

Nothing convinces an evil Tibetan super genius who controls all the spirits of every evil thing that ever crawled in the whole universe like telling him "no monkey business, now!"

Tricked! Tricked by the evil Tibetan super genius! Now the only thing that stands between us and the monsters of the Fourth Dimension are the two fisted fists of Flip!

Captured, Flip's fate is sealed as Chang, the super genius, ties him to a clearly wooden pole, which he plans to electrify. Good luck with that plan there, Chang, you Electrical Engineering 101-failing super genius, you.

So wait, at one point Flip's electrons are exploding willy-nilly, and five pages later Flip's dimension power is repelling electrons? Sometimes... sometimes I get the impression this comic's writer wasn't really that sure what electrons are or what they can or cannot do.

Only one way to stop Chang and that's by short circuiting your own dimension beam, blowing up his llamasery in Tibet, the Tibet here or the Tibet in the Fourth Dimension, we aren't sure about that part. Come with Flip Falcon on more amazing fourth dimension knuckle massage monster adventures next issue!