Even though they buried the world in Richie Riches and Caspers, Harvey Comics had a long and varied history of publishing in all genres - war, superhero, adventure, romance, and mystery. Some of the top names in the field worked for Harvey. Unfortunately, even top names can sometimes excel - at sucking.

Alarming Adventures (Feb 1963) is indeed alarming; a collection of lukewarm "suspense" stories of the kind Marvel had recently abandoned. Way to stay on top of those trends, Harvey. As you'll notice from this kinda cool Severin cover, apparently the editorial staff felt that "THE DAY THE SEASONS CHANGED" was a pretty darn alarming concept. Since the seasons DO actually change on specific days, four times a year, one's forced to assume the Harvey offices did not in fact contain calendars.

The first alarming adventure involves a big chunk of New York City taking off and flying through the sky. Well, okay, that's pretty alarming! What's going to happen to the poor people trapped in that flying city??

Oh.... all right, they'll be fine, everything is OK. That's just the kind of reassuring ending we want from our suspense mystery stories, right?

Oh, and it turns out it was Martians. Well, that's kind of alarming, I guess.
Ready for the seasons to change in a day? Then watch what happens when the Earth goes haywire!!

And there you have it, the crazy season-changing antics referred to on the cover are dispensed with in one panel, without a scuba diver in sight. Now that's alarming---alarmingly contemptuous of the readers.

"I'm just a simple hobo who wants to do something to help the doomed Earth! If only there was a deserted military bunker with a control panel featuring a giant red button that I could unthinkingly bang my hobo fist into! IF ONLY!!"

Luckily that button was the button that detonates all of America's nuclear bombs which are all stored in one place, which coincidentally is exactly the spot where a gigantic explosion would move the Earth out of the way of cosmic disaster. And people say comics are unbelievable!

And the hobo DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HE'S SAVED THE EARTH. What a shock ending! Rod Serling read this and immediately abandoned screenwriting forever, because he knew he could never top this amazing ironic twist ending.

Just to cap things off, a reminder to all those government scientists out there- DON'T FRIGHTEN THE METAL.