OoohhhhhooooOOOOOOhhhh it's the SPOOKY time of year again, when those horrifying Christmas decorations begin to appear! Pretty scary, eh kids? Well, it's also the time of the year when ghosts and spirits roam the earth looking to make you jump, make you holler, and make you scream, just like in today's story!

Can you feel the screaming in the air tonight? These guys can, as they just floor their roadster right off Pier 59 because of looming specters. I guess they didn't see the sign that said "Look Out For Looming Specters And/Or End Of Pier." And are they screaming? No!

And in the very next panel we see Red Car and its occupants alive and well and NOT crashing off the pier, but parking nicely so they can pitch gangland mobster Spike Carson's lifeless body into the harbor in violation of at least five applicable city ordinances.

Turns out when you sleep with the fishes, you wake up with the horrifying spirits of the underworld ready to reanimate your corpse and turn it into an instrument of terror! Which is comforting.

Wow, that is so not what sharks do. I think this comic has confused sharks and catfish. Catfish gonna eat that horrid dirt. Carp too. That's why you don't wanna be eatin' no bottom feeders. Somebody tell that shark!

Beware mankind, he has a strong body for deeds of horror! I mean, he killed a shark with his bare hands! Okay, that won't be a horror deed until sharks are declared endangered, but still.

Lucky for mankind as a whole that this revived gangster's lust for vengeance is stronger than his lust for general, aimless destruction.

And now... the screaming starts.

Even two fistfuls of blazing automatics won't stop this zombie vigilante on his mission of murder! Heck, this is great stuff. I should pitch this to Netflix!

But who will stand up to this nightmare of horror and keep the streets safe for decent gangsters? What forces of good exist to challenge this evil?

Why, it's Dr. Strange. No, not that Dr. Strange. No, not THAT Dr. Strange either. THIS Dr. Strange is the... well, not really sure who he is. A scholar. Radio listener. Pipe enthusiast. Powers-haver, apparently.

Yeah! Send it back to its Dank Tomb where it can smoke some Dank Bud and chortle at some Dank Memes! Whooo!

He is... that's right! Dr. Strange is challenging this evil supernaturally-resurrected corpse with nothing stronger than the Power of Prayer. Hey, it seems to be really irritating the creature, in much the same way prayers irritate patrons before sporting events and suchlike, so maybe there's something to that.

Is it curtains for this particular iteration of Dr. Strange? Or has his ceaseless petitioning of the Powers Of Good succeeded? I hope it has, because that seems to be all this Dr. Strange is good for.

Next up: Dr. Strange begging the Powers Of Good to clean up the awful mess left on his carpet

When you know you're licked, just holler out a godawful shriek, float out the window, and find some other sucker's body to inhabit and cause mischief with. Maybe Dr. Strange will pray you away, but then again, maybe he won't! Happy Halloween, evil people!

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