Sometimes, you buy a big stack of beat up old comics at a yard sale, and you take 'em home and just start reading all casual-like, and you're halfway through an issue of SUPERBOY before you realize that the story you're reading is the god-damndest thing you've ever seen in your whole life.

So it's a super-legion of dogs with names like Paw Pooch and Tusky Husky! And nice drapes! They're called the Space Canine Patrol Agency, or "S.P.C.A." And when you're 8 that's pretty dang witty.

And sometimes they raise their paws and invoke their mighty anthem!

They exist in a universe full of planets populated by intelligent animals... bears for instance, who say things like "Great Grizzlies!"

And when danger threatens they hop into their spaceship and save the planet of dog-people who live in giant doghouses from giant fleas. Also they stand on their hind legs.

Who could be behind this giant flea menace? It's the evil Black Cat World populated by evil cats. Naturally.

Did you know that if you're convicted of a felony on Krypton, not only do you get sentenced to the Phantom Zone, they throw your CATS in there as well? True story.

Krypto seems worried about the weird predictions of Prophetic Pup, but actually he's just kind of disturbed at the sight of jumpsuited dogs marching through downtown Smallville on their hind legs.

When marsh gas incapicates your rowing squad, only Paw Pooch can help you beat the Yalies!

Turns out the Pup Prophecies came true, Superboy and Krypto were saved, kryptonite or something, and our bizarre talking animal story comes to an end.

Here's the punchline. Check out the circulation information - SUPERBOY, starring the freaking Space Canine Patrol Agency, was selling about SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND COPIES AN ISSUE. Stupid this comic may be, but it was laughing all the way to the bank. Want to save comics? More crazy stories about talking dogs in uniforms fighting space cats with their crazy dog powers! BOW WOW WOW!