Hey gang! It's March 2020 and you're all sick of hearing about the Covid-19 virus, so here's a topical comic about something else entirely that you're totally not sick of yet! An election campaign involving, as explained here by either Rod Serling, Richard Nixon, or Miguel Ferrer, a progressive Hispanic woman and a corrupt authoritarian white man. Here they are, comfortably seated for their televised debate, like they were a couple of septuagenarians or something! None of this standing behind a podium like contestants on Jeopardy stuff for our Twilight Zone mayoral candidates.

As Edith brazenly kisses babies right outside Gordon's office window, Gordon plans drastic actions to stop her rise to the top, but not too drastic, because this is a Code-approved Gold Key comic from the 70s so you better lay off the violence all together, what do you think this is, some magazine-sized Warren publication where you can show all the blood and boobs you want?

No, Edith, polls never lie. However, as we learned in 2016, they are frequently extremely stupid and very, very wrong. Not on purpose though! Probably!

Later, in the yellow void of his office, Mayor Gordon bootlicks Big Bank, represented here by a Kentucky gentleman farmer, assuring him of his crooked victory. Bailouts for everyone!

Yes, this plan of cutting off all the electricity so the mayor's henchman can sneak in and "change" the votes of everyone in town may seem convoluted and silly, but bear in mind the internet hadn't been invented quite yet, so drowning Edith's Twitter menchies in snake emojis isn't happening. I mean, voter suppression is a thing that he could've certainly tried, and it would've made a lot more sense than "sneak in and change each individual vote when no one's looking" but whatever, something tells me making sense wasn't a high priority with whoever wrote this one.

Something something hanging chads.

While the voters discuss rent control, let's pause for a moment and think about that voting booth, that seems to have a whiteboard in place of a voting machine. I guess that's the mayor's plan, just sneak into all of these with some whiteboard erasers and markers? Better use Sharpies, just to make the changes permanent. Is that subway handrail hanging in the voting booth entrance, or has the lady in yellow brought a weapon along, in case voting gets ugly?

Suddenly, present-day Stephen Fry is transported to a TV studio right as the blackout is happening! Can his Zippo lighter mystify the primitive 20th-century savages and convince them that he's a powerful wizard?

Meanwhile, Edith and her staff gather around an old timey kerosene lamp they just happened to have in her campaign HQ because you definitely want highly flammable liquids in a small, crowded room where people are apt to be drinking heavily.

I'm sure you're very anxious to know what inspiring words of wisdom Edith has for her faithful voters. Will it be a call to protest? A rebellious voice of violent upheaval, demanding the immediate overthrowing of the pretender to the mayor's office?

We'll never know, because we never see Bette or Edith again! This is the next page!

I'm guessing there was definitely some violent upheaval talk in there somewhere, anyway, or maybe it was just the Burgomaster's speech to the torch-wielding mob at the end of "Frankenstein". That would explain the pitchfork and wooden clubs getting waved around.

(Heavy sigh)

So... here's that Rod Serling twist ending you were waiting for. He hides in a voting... booth? Machine?... and becomes trapped inside one of them! For some reason! Somehow! Suddenly! Because corruption or something. I don't know. Rod Serling died about 6 months after this comic hit the stands and I'm not saying those 2 things are related, but I'm not saying they're not related either. Just saying.

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