These days we're taught to be tolerant and respectful of all peoples, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, or general state of being. It doesn't always work out like that in practice, but the important thing is that we're in there trying. But this wasn't always the case! Entire classes of people were belittled and insulted on the streets, in films and TV, and even, yes, in comics. We're about to see here in this early 1970s British girls' annual the full force of contempt and disrespect directed squarely at what must be the source of all Britain's problems.

Lazy Liza! Emblematic of a declining empire? Symbol of the sun finally setting on a land once fit for heroes? Champion of those of us who also eat and sleep? Or just a girl deeply in need of a medical checkup? Well, Mr. Bagley doesn't have time for doctors, he's handing his daughter over to an unaccredited, broken down college run by an unlicensed teacher, so desperate for students they make patently false claims. Because why not.

WOW Dad. Check out that license plate! Fat-shame much?

Seriously, this kid is falling asleep standing up and nobody is rushing her to the hospital to check her for anemia or vitamin deficiency or narcolepsy or any number of serious medical problems?

I gotta say, you can't argue with Liza's logic.

After hearing this little speech about wanting to sleep more than eat because when you're sleeping, all needs and wants vanish, I'm gonna say what this girl needs most of all is a visit to a psychiatrist. And maybe some pants, or a longer skirt.

Carry on with your work, girls. I'm just going to try the "walk it off" therapy with this narcoleptic.

I wasn't in England in 1971, so maybe someone who was there can let us know if the fashion for middle-aged ladies that year was really trending towards the "wear your brain outside of your skull" look?

Liza certainly wasn't sleeping in class the day they covered the Civil Rights protests and passive resistance strategies!

The minute the doughnuts and coffee show up, she perks right up. Well, I can't blame her! That's what coffee and doughnuts are for!

What's this? Are Carol and Mr. Bagley planning an "accident" to rid themselves of this troublesome, sleepy girl?

Wake up Liza, we've placed you in physical danger, because we are unfit parents and/or teachers.

Permanent lung scarring and nervous system damage from 1971 style leaded paint? Yeah, I'd run too! Run straight to Social Services!

So that's how Claremont College never loses - by threatening bodily harm, every single day, until those recalcitrant students fall into line. Oo-er!

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