Hey everybody! This is our six hundred and sixty-sixth installment of Stupid Comics! And as we all know from reading the Al Hartley/Hal Lindsay version of the Book Of Revelation, or watching the fine documentary film THE OMEN, or listening to any number of heavy metal records, we know that 666 is the number of The Beast, which was probably meant to be the Emperor Nero but for our purposes let's say Satan. So what better way to celebrate Stupid Comics #666 than to prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Prince Of Darkness himself is alive and well on Planet Earth? No better way, that's what! Look, all you who have eyes to see, upon the LETTERS PAGE OF THE DAMNED

There you have it right there, evidence that satanic forces are loose in our world. Need a closer look?

I ask you, would any sane, literate, sober, God-fearing man be so charitable, so complimentary, so downright obsequious towards someone who history has shown to be one of the laziest and most reviled inkers ever to work in the comic book industry? Satan is at work here, I tell you!

Okay, maybe this was just a DC editor incognito "just asking questions" as an opening to explain to readers who this guy is and why he isn't working for Marvel any more. But I think it's Satan.

More Stupid Comics next week! Thanks for reading!

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