Currently the world still reels in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic! We need to take every possible step to ensure citizens are informed and aware of how to best combat this infectious virus, and here at Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics, that means we dig up old comics where people sneeze. So LET'S GO!

Looks like America's Typical Teen-Ager has become America's Patient Zero as he aerosols his disgusting sputum all over the Andrews house! Get a hanky, Archie! Do the thing where you sneeze into your elbow! Anything but what you're doing!

Don't answer that, Arch

There certainly ought to be a law, newspaper reader! In fact, there ARE laws in many cities about social distancing, self-isolating if sick, and wearing masks in public, thanks to people as inconsiderate as Archie.

Jughead is one hundred percent correct here. He's also demonstrating the posture many of us find ourselves assuming when strangers on the street or in the grocery store get a little too close.

Here Jug is showing his quick thinking as he improvises a mask out of convenient material - his handkerchief. But YOU don't need to cobble together life-saving PPE out of pocket hankies - you can purchase masks of every shape, style, and decoration, including, thanks to a thriving internet marketplace and lax copyright enforcement, your very own mask with Jughead (and the gang) on it.

While Archie's sneeze distracts, Jughead goes through the cash register. It WAS a holdup, Pops!

Throw him out, Pops! Don't believe his fake ADA card, he's just one of those "maskholes".

Here in the Sneeze Olympics, Andrews (USA) attempts the difficult Double One-Handed Achoo Somersault. Judges? 7.8 - 9.2 - 8.8 - 9.1. Better luck next time Archie.

Right on, Veronica! This is the attitude everybody should be taking right now. Hey, if everybody had taken this attitude back in March maybe we'd be over it by now.

Meanwhile, Veronica's loss (of infection) may just be Betty's gain (of infection)!

Shamelessly throwing herself at Archie, Betty is not going to refuse anything Archie wants to give her. And that sounds a little suggestive, even with the cover story of a cold. Maybe this is really a VD story in disguise? Remember kids, don't cuddle up to the sneezy wheezers, and maybe we'll get to have a summer next year!

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