ELECTRO is one of Marvel Comics' earliest characters. No, not the Spiderman villian; this one is the precursor to IRON MAN. Created by Professor Zog, ELECTRO is a "wonder robot" that can fly and smash things with his metal fists. Yup, smells like Gigantor to me.

We don't have the first two pages of this story, so let's recap: the evil Varoz has been looting the world with his army of gun-toting zombies. Electro is called in to save America! Following an airplane to Varoz's secret castle, Electro does what he does best, which is smashing things.

Varoz retaliates with his TWO HEADED MONSTER!!! which throws Electro into a vat of FOAMING DISINTEGRATING ACID!!! That is one AWESOME MONSTER, and I'm sure it's caused emotional problems that persist to this day.

A minute ago it was "foaming" and "disintegrating", and now it's "boiling". Make up your mind!

If that two-headed monster didn't rock your world, check this out: green zombies with fistfuls of cash, and handguns. The cop on the far right? He REALLY hates Star Trek.

Now what I want to know is, when corpses commit murder and arson, are they REALLY breaking any Federal laws? Worried about his robot in the foaming disintegrating boiling acid, Zog jacks another generator into the circuit to give Electro an extra jolt of the juice, which blasts him free.

No, don't crush him or smash him, but pick him up in the air and whirl him around like a monkey. That's the ELECTRO way!

Actually, that kind of looks like fun.

Wow, I Totally Did Not See That Coming, What With The Acid And All.
Note: Professor Zog controls a wonder robot that can smash and destroy, AND can call Army bombers to blow shit up whenever he feels like it. Moral: don't screw with Professor Zog.

: TWO HEADED MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!