Remember when nerdy teens were always warned not to talk to mysterious strangers or mess with mysterious giant insects? Well, here's the story of one kid who either never got that advice, or decided he was going to be punk as anything and do just the opposite.

This really takes me back to that time when we were only worried about those murder hornets. Remember murder hornets? Where'd you go, guys? Come back murder hornets, we forgive you!

Terrors of the insect world? Those things are terrors of the WORLD world. Ask anybody who's ever had to work on a gutter or cut down tree limbs.

Of COURSE some nerdy kid in a bow tie is going to be best friends with whatever scientist is within pestering distance. If only Professor Larvay had been an economist. This story would be quite different!

"Naturally those naughty, low-class boys from the other side of the tracks would disappear," says Mortimer Snob here.

I'm with Bertha. Dressing like a beekeeper all the time outside is just common sense, but inside? That's crazy!

Looking forward to seeing this story tied in with all the other Spider-Mans in an upcoming Marvel movie. That'll really help to get the film's running time past that important two and a half hour mark.

Angela Martin from Dunder-Mifflin is an expert on cats AND bees AND party planning

Bobby's been saying this ever since he got out of that North Korean prison camp, that Professor Larvay is the is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being he's ever known in his life.

YES, two pop culture references in a row, only fifty years apart. That's how we roll!

And thus, with this fateful "just leave it on the porch" thought, was Bobby's future career as an Amazon package delivery person confirmed!

So let's see here, you're trespassing on somebody's property in order to hide a jar containing a large and by now extremely pissed-off wasp. Nothing good is going to come of this.

Horrifying groans coming from the storm cellar? Again - nothing good is going to come from this. Walk to the corner, make an anonymous phone call to the local PD, go on about your day.

So I figure the chances are about even that we're either going to see a monster-filled nightmare of horror, or a lot of bare septuagenarian swinger flesh flopping around in mid-orgy. Either way, Bobby's future is going to involve a lot of therapy.

It's the latest decorating trend, a dank basement filled with spiderweb-wrapped teenagers! Expensive, but worth it.

Professor Larvay actually IS some kind of terrifying Spider-Man (tm)! Quick, call some copyright lawyers!

Sometimes the werewolf wasp you needed was the werewolf wasp you were carrying around in a jar all along.

Buzzing a happy little buzz, our werewolf wasp flies away, to build a giant hive in your mailbox or up under your eavestrough, waiting for another Professor Spider to wander into town.

What's that? No, we're done. You don't need any further explanation. There might be spider-men disguised as beekeeping professors abducting teenagers and being chased by werewolf wasps across America, for all we know. Have a nice day!

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