We all know and tolerate Little Dot, the little girl who's crazy for dots. But how did she get this way? What made her into that monomaniacal force of nature famous the world over? Was there some traumatic event in her early childhood, or did genetics itself lead her down this path? Is it nature, or nurture? Well, one way to find out is to look at her relatives and see what they're like.

Hmm, "Uncle Saver." I'm thinking this will be an uncle who always turns the lights off and knows where to get a savings account with the best interest rates?

Or maybe, just maybe, he's coo-coo for cocoa puffs.

Look at that, Uncle Saver is a hoarder, saving up string for the time foretold by the ancients when string itself will become our medium of exchange. He'll be living large while all us stringless fools will starve!

He's at Hoarding Stage Eight, where he's hoarded himself right out of his home! And just try telling him those sticky candy wrappers won't come in handy some day.

Interrupting a conversation to show off his latest acquistion from the dump? We've all been there.

I think Dot is kind of impressed with this. You don't often see an uncle that matches her, compulsion for compulsion. And let's face it. A shed full of bath tubs IS kinda cool

The bad news is that he's hoarded himself out of two houses and into a cave. The good news? The cave has TV!

Remember in serious weather situations, any unsecured object becomes a deadly projectile. Or maybe a life-saving levee or tiedown, did you ever think of that, anti-clutter fanatics?

The truth is, people had been swiping his bathtubs and using them for boats all this time. I know I'd be tempted!

And even though Mayor Paul F. Tompkins awards Uncle Saver with an ocean cruise, Saver can't stand to be without his hoarded garbage for one minute. Now get out of my bathtubs, you thieves!

and here we pause for a message from our sponsor.

Let one conglomerate's cartoon characters give YOU a free trip to an amusement park built around ANOTHER conglomerate's cartoon characters while YOU enjoy the great taste of LEPAGE White Paste! It's delicious!

And now, back to our story.

An aunt who likes neatness and orderliness is a real contrast to that last relative. Maybe they should get together, or maybe they were siblings. Imagine the fights!

At least we have a clear origin story for Aunt Trim's compulsive disorders. They were beaten into her with military efficiency! Now EVEN OUT THAT POLKA DOT HAIR BOW, SOLDIER

One day a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the streets - and that rain's name is Aunt Trim.

Now they've BOTH got sleep apnea. Gee, thanks. Well, it could have been worse. She's still got those scissors.

Look, I value private property rights as much as the next barely-functional OCD sufferer. But your freedom to own a picturesque tumbledown fence ends at the point where we have to look at it!

Smearing your mitts all over a stranger's car and then hollering at that stranger when they object? She's lucky this is Bonnie Dell, because anyplace else she'd be getting a one way ticket to slapsville!

(Bonnie Dell is the town where Little Dot and Little Lotta live. Slapsville is when somebody slaps you)

Just remember, when you point that finger at someone who's not orderly, there are three fingers pointing back at your disorderliness!

Remember, city construction workers - don't forget to get your work permits from the Aunt Trim Approval Office.

Fun fact: banishment is still employed in a handful of states as an alternative to jail time! So what can we learn from the stories of these two Dot relations? 1 - never throw anything away, and 2 - nobody likes a neat freak. Congratulations, messy bitches everywhere!

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