Seeing as how we're in the weird netherworld between Halloween and Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate for us to present something that has both a horror history AND is a complete turkey. Hence Dell's DRACULA, a comic that attempted to cash in on the super-hero craze of the 60s while simultaneously cashing in on the monster craze of the late 60s. Unfortunately for Dell, the "cashing in" part of their plan didn't quite come to fruition. Let's find out why!

Yes. Dracula is now a super hero with muscles and tights and a cute little mask with bat ears. Tony Tallarico, master of a million cheap Scholastic joke books and the LBJ comedy coloring book, gives this project that extra little hint of "hack".

Apparently when you drink a serum derived from bats, you turn into a bat. This explains all those smoothie drinkers who turn into bananas.

After using his mighty powers, Dracula figures he'd better leave town. If I wore an outfit like that in public, I'd leave town too.

While on board his luxury cruise liner to America, Dracula's master plan to fit into American society is nearly ruined when someone, uh, asks him his name.

Transforming into a bat has its uses, chief among them making this comic amazingly easy to draw. Go Tony!

Noticing a fleet of menacing blimps overhead, Dracula feels compelled to investigate. Wouldn't you?

Yes. It is true. I am excited about joining your weather-controlling crusade of evil. Very excited as you can tell.

Splashing ink on a perfectly good map? This man IS sick!

Dracula's plan to disable the entire fleet of dirigibles by turning one valve is cut short by a blow from the pudgiest hand ever drawn.

Realizing he needs help, Dracula heads straight for the nearest "missle" base.

The Pentagon is less than amused by a guy in a purple suit warning them of giant dirigibles. I seem to recall they went to war on much flimsier evidence recently. OH SNAP

So it's Dracula alone against the sweat-shirted minions of evil! I guess it's pretty easy to get beat up when you're screaming in fear.

Hey, one shotgun blast and the blimp goes down! Maybe if the crewmen did something besides yell "Aaiiiee!" all the time, things might work out better for them.

Since this is a Dell comic we're assured through a badly phrased caption that the crashing dirigibles were "hardly fatal". I guess that means they were only partially deadly, with some of the crew only slightly killed.

Dammit, she went on this cruise to meet men and she met a man and she's going to hang onto him, whatever it takes!! Since this book was cancelled with the next issue, whatever romance she may have had with "Al Card" was doomed from the start. Dell also published super-hero versions of Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. One gets the impression Dell really didn't have much of a clue during the 60s.