Last week a panel from SPURT HAMMOND had us thinking it was a William Blake swipe, but two of our eagle-eyed, Art History Major readers set us straight. The panel in question is a Gustav Dore swipe! In your face, Blake!
And now back to our regularly scheduled STUPID COMICS:

Remember, back in the 40s comics weren't just for developmentally disabled kids. They were for developmentally disabled adults, too! Planet Comics leavened its science-fiction with plenty of leggy good-girl art, and none was leggier or good-girlier than Gale Allen And Her Girl Squadron!!

It seemed like a routine assignment for Gale and her girls; dress in revealing clothes and visit Jupiter, which is more or less Utah with uglier dogs.

Perched on those shapely gams, baby, what WOULDN'T get active? Hubba hubba! Woo-woo! Yowza!

Where WHAT on that tremendous globe?

Yeah, shake those "crude rattles", gals. Keep shaking. No, I'm sure those "drongs" are starting to get scared. Shake harder!

"If I must die, let me die as I lived - posing stiffly in high heels and an abbreviated top!"

Luckily for the girls, they're saved by a wandering hunk of man-meat that just happened to be beefing through on his way to go do some guy stuff. Check out on-the-make Gale: "This is my Girl Squadron." They're called breasts, honey, no need to be coy.

Now this is what you calls your arty type shot, you throw a few in there and what used to be nuthin' but girly pix is now sensitive artistic-type highbrow stuff, full 'o meanin' and subtle understatements. Keeps the bluenoses off our backs, if you get my drift.

"You and the girls had better ride my strag?" I DOUBLE DARE you to try this line out in a bar. I'm pretty sure the reaction won't be "but it's so huge!"

More symbolism as Manly Moustache Guy lassos the needle-nosed spaceship of the villian, figuratively "castrating" the source of his power. Also he helps the girls "shift" that "rock," which as we all know is representative of the ritual deflowering of virgins in many Micronesian cultures. And you thought this was just 40s trash!

Isn't that just like a dame? Show 'em a hunky guy with an enormous horse that can handle six women at a time, and they forget all about his murder rap or the missing ernium or anything! Dames!