Beep boop beep beep honk! In the criminal justice system, robots are represented by two separate but equally important groups: Robot lawyers and Robot police. This is Law and Order: Robot Police Division! Dun-dun! Beep. Bonk!

WHAT is the secret of Robot X-1? Did he cheat on an exam in the robot police academy? Does he take Prestone oil bribes? Is he really a guy in a robot costume? Read on and let's see! Beepboop

Nothing says trusted scientist like stopping at a crime scene to gawk and rubberneck like a couple of tourists visiting Times Square for the first time! We'd better stop because it's not like we have anything better to do.

It's not surprising that a crowd would gather to watch such a spectacle- a guy in a hat, heckling cops? Who wouldn't stop for that?

Oh, he isn't the robber or anything, robots really hate it when you joke around about lost bolts! That's no laughing matter! I do appreciate Hat Guy's attempt to respect X-1's pronouns though, even though I feel like he was probably doing it in bad faith.

haha, sure buddy

Nothing makes this guy hornier than watching a robot cop arrest guys in Halloween hobo costumes! Get to the "lab", pronto!

Yep, is there's one thing the police love, it's private citizens home-brewing their own version of official police technology. Make your very own sex offenders registry at home, distribute it around your neighborhood! Cops love it!

Once again, cannot understate how very much cops love it when you take the law into your own hands. Well, as long as this new robot pins all the crimes on "Antifa" it'll probably be fine, actually.

OOPS looks like Doc Grayson himself is Antifa! Oh well!

So, protip: When making your very own private home-brewed police robot, do not, I repeat, do NOT make it indistinguishable from the official police robot, or at least give it an easy-to-reach "off" switch.

What the hell, was this guy in a trance while the bars were being pulled apart literally two feet away from him? How did he not notice that while it was happening? And how dumb would he have to be to not realize that only a super-powerful robot could do that...

Oh, right. Dumb enough to make a duplicate of a police robot in his home laboratory.

Uh, because he's a cop.

Yep. Cop.

I can't believe Simpson, the only other guy who could've possibly done this, is the guy who has done this!

Oh wow, an exciting fight between two mighty robots! How will the artists of National Periodical Publications bring this battle of good against evil to vivid life??


Bear in mind X-2's main crime was impersonating an officer so don't get too smug, Professor.

aaahhhh shit this is only a 7 and a half pager I thought we had 8 shit shit shit quick wrap it up, cram that explanation in shit shit shit

So remember kids: If you ever lose a fight, it's because you were on the wrong side of justice, because no one has ever lost a fight unfairly!

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