Let's face it. We're all obsessed with one thing or another. Football, railroad trains, MGM musicals, Korean pop stars, making fun of comic books, everybody has a freak flag to fly. However, sometimes it's difficult to reconcile our overwhelming personal interests with the disinterest of our friends and family. And that's where today's story comes in!

After decades of witnessing public indifference to her love for dots, Little Dot finally snaps. People ambivalent about dots had better look out!

"The world will only know true peace once all have borne witness to the glory of (insert concept here, brace for years of bloody, inconclusive sectarian warfare)."

But instead of sallying forth to convert the unbelievers through force of arms, Dot insteads settles for a slightly less destructive solution - fan fiction.

Dot gestures hypnotically - or should that be "hypDOTically"? See what I did there?

As we all know, hypnosis forces people to be your willing, overly literal, kidnap-perpetration-prone slaves.

How DARE that policeman impugn the utility of dot-hunting! Luckily, a quick blast of hypno-power turns that peace officer into a DOT officer.

That's the amazing power of hypnosis - Dot now has somebody to wander around and point out dotted things for her. What a time-saver!

Sure, THIS will end well

The pitiful state of art education in America's schools is on full display here as Miss Dabbler betrays her ignorance of Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama.

Well, if you were wondering what happened to Jack The Ripper, apparently he moved to Bonnie Dell and became principal of an elementary school.

Don't run, Dot! Just hypnotize Mr. Ripper! You can't tell me he wasn't on your list.

There's an entire subculture of uniform fetishists who will disagree with you, O'Badge

You know what they say about boats, the two best days of a boat owners life are the day he buys the boat, and the day Little Lotta carries it away!

And with a few rips this alternate universe is destroyed forever, before it reached the depressing conclusion - a world filled with dot-loving people that Little Dot would no longer stand out in. Hard to bear even thinking about!

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